30 September, 2007

Waterfire, sandboxes and things too...

Saturday was a great day, Spotty and I took a 4 hour nap, boy toy is in the middle of building a really cool sandbox. It will have 2 levels and a “tunnel” in between the levels so Spotty can drive cars and trucks through. Spotty helped his daddy digging and got FILTHY. After the boys cleaned up we went off to Waterfire. This has to be one of the coolest events out there. The first time we saw it we came across it by accident. It was a few years before Spotty was born. We had been in RI for some reason, dinner, shopping, sex shop? We were on our way back to 95 when we saw fire, we though oh CRAP we will never get home, there will be fire engines all over the place, we rolled down the windows to see if we could hear them but instead heard some wacked out music. We then noticed hundreds of people walking around. We of course found ourselves a parking spot to see what the hell was going on.

We met some folks looking for Waterfire as we were parking, we told them to follow us. It can be confusing if you have never been before. We showed them the way, pointed out the landmarks that should help them find their way back. They wanted to know where to meet up so we could help them back. We laughed and went on our way. Spotty loved it. Although I think we might have done too well a job with the fire is hot message as he didn’t want to hang out by the water because the fire was dangerous. We walked everywhere. Over bridges, through tunnels, we saw kids playing household objects like drums, they were great. We listened to Peruvian music and talked to several police officers, one of them was even on a horse. We bought a bag of kettle corn and sat on some stairs eating it. Spotty wanted to be carried every so often and it was really cute to see boy toy and he because Spotty was rubbing his hand up and down on his daddy’s head. Hey, he is always playing with my hair; it’s nice to see him playing with someone else’s. He was very snuggly when he was in our arms, but was really good holding our hands when we were walking through the crowds. Spotty also walked up tons of stairs and around 11:00 pm we were ready to call it a night. I guess the late night was a god send because he wasn’t cranky at all. When we started walking though the mall to get to the parking lot we met up with the folks we helped from earlier. We all found that very funny. Spotty fell asleep on the ride home, Boy toy and I got caught up in watching Mythbusters, they were busting Superhero myths, which was really cool, but sucked as we dragged ourselves away at 1:00am

Sunday started off with one of my favorite activities muffin making. Spotty and I like to make muffins for the week ahead while boy toy sleeps. This week was cranberry orange. The bride bought Spotty a stacking block set that was a castle theme. Spotty and I spent the morning building the castle and telling stories about all the pictures.

After Spotty’s nap I asked if he wanted to watch TV while I got him some apple. He said of course I do mama.
Do you want to watch Stone of Cold Fire?
No too hot
Do you want to watch Cars?
No too vrooomy
Do you want to watch Monsters?
No too scary
Do you want to watch Dora’s summer adventure?
No too Hot
Do you want to watch the Wiggles?
No too wiggly
Do you want to watch Nemo?
No too swimmy
Do you want to watch Blues Clues?
No too Bluey
Do you want to watch Dinosaurs?
No too scary

So he helped me with the apple instead, and then luckily boy toy came in from digging. He asked Spotty what he wanted to do and Spotty said “play the game” which was great because I hate playing the Simpsons hit and run or whatever it’s called