30 September, 2007

Waterfire, sandboxes and things too...

Saturday was a great day, Spotty and I took a 4 hour nap, boy toy is in the middle of building a really cool sandbox. It will have 2 levels and a “tunnel” in between the levels so Spotty can drive cars and trucks through. Spotty helped his daddy digging and got FILTHY. After the boys cleaned up we went off to Waterfire. This has to be one of the coolest events out there. The first time we saw it we came across it by accident. It was a few years before Spotty was born. We had been in RI for some reason, dinner, shopping, sex shop? We were on our way back to 95 when we saw fire, we though oh CRAP we will never get home, there will be fire engines all over the place, we rolled down the windows to see if we could hear them but instead heard some wacked out music. We then noticed hundreds of people walking around. We of course found ourselves a parking spot to see what the hell was going on.

We met some folks looking for Waterfire as we were parking, we told them to follow us. It can be confusing if you have never been before. We showed them the way, pointed out the landmarks that should help them find their way back. They wanted to know where to meet up so we could help them back. We laughed and went on our way. Spotty loved it. Although I think we might have done too well a job with the fire is hot message as he didn’t want to hang out by the water because the fire was dangerous. We walked everywhere. Over bridges, through tunnels, we saw kids playing household objects like drums, they were great. We listened to Peruvian music and talked to several police officers, one of them was even on a horse. We bought a bag of kettle corn and sat on some stairs eating it. Spotty wanted to be carried every so often and it was really cute to see boy toy and he because Spotty was rubbing his hand up and down on his daddy’s head. Hey, he is always playing with my hair; it’s nice to see him playing with someone else’s. He was very snuggly when he was in our arms, but was really good holding our hands when we were walking through the crowds. Spotty also walked up tons of stairs and around 11:00 pm we were ready to call it a night. I guess the late night was a god send because he wasn’t cranky at all. When we started walking though the mall to get to the parking lot we met up with the folks we helped from earlier. We all found that very funny. Spotty fell asleep on the ride home, Boy toy and I got caught up in watching Mythbusters, they were busting Superhero myths, which was really cool, but sucked as we dragged ourselves away at 1:00am

Sunday started off with one of my favorite activities muffin making. Spotty and I like to make muffins for the week ahead while boy toy sleeps. This week was cranberry orange. The bride bought Spotty a stacking block set that was a castle theme. Spotty and I spent the morning building the castle and telling stories about all the pictures.

After Spotty’s nap I asked if he wanted to watch TV while I got him some apple. He said of course I do mama.
Do you want to watch Stone of Cold Fire?
No too hot
Do you want to watch Cars?
No too vrooomy
Do you want to watch Monsters?
No too scary
Do you want to watch Dora’s summer adventure?
No too Hot
Do you want to watch the Wiggles?
No too wiggly
Do you want to watch Nemo?
No too swimmy
Do you want to watch Blues Clues?
No too Bluey
Do you want to watch Dinosaurs?
No too scary

So he helped me with the apple instead, and then luckily boy toy came in from digging. He asked Spotty what he wanted to do and Spotty said “play the game” which was great because I hate playing the Simpsons hit and run or whatever it’s called

Book Review - Thud

If you have never read Terry Pratchett’s disk world you may want to give it a try. My brother turned me onto him with “Going Postal” and “Hogfather” that I will review when I get around to re-reading them. This may be the 30th in the series? I have no idea if reading the series from the beginning would be a help or not. I have been told no, but I have to tell you that not reading a book in a series in order is like…. I actually can’t really think of anything worse. Not eating ice cream? Dogs and Cats living together? But I have really enjoyed the books so I guess it is one of those mysteries of life they talk about.

Thud is the story of the age old conflict between dwarfs and trolls that apparently came to a head centuries ago at a place called Koom Valley. Commander Vimes of the City watch is trying to keep the powder keg that is the anniversary date of Koom Valley from blowing everything and everyone into smithereens but is being hampered by an internal audit which includes questions such as “I timed two officers in Broad Way earlier, and in the space of one hour they made no arrests,. Why was this an economic use of their time?” Affirmative Action” I’ve got to interview a damn vampire”; and most importantly 6:00pm. THE READING OF THE PICTURE BOOK.

Any book that misuses police manpower and authority to make sure that a dad gets home to read “Where is my Cow” to his son is AOK in my book…if I had a book, which I do, just not one I wrote.

27 September, 2007

A long day

Spotty chop dressed me today; He picked out black shiny stretch pants/leggings with lace around the ankles and an emerald green silk nightgown. I look smashing. Spotty has been playing rough all day. He has been jumping from the top of the couch onto my back as I worked, run across the room yelling “body slam”and then slammed into me, used the curtains to jump down onto me, and used my hair as a repelling rope to get off of the couch. It has been a long day. I keep asking him to be careful and that he was hurting me, but it was like talking to…a 2 year old. I did end up yelling at one point and we both apologized.

I hate loosing my temper, but my kidney stones are acting up. I am so fed up with work, I feel like I am not trusted anymore, I’ve been kicked off the fast track and am now slumming it with the rest of the weasels. It feels like someone kicked me in the tail bone. I’ve got a head ache. My girlfriend’s MIL is acting like a true clam. The wedding is in 16 days. I think I am just in the mood to be pissy. I’m going to take a shower, maybe that will make me feel better.

Spotty just kicked his daddy in the kneecap, he is in pain. Somehow that makes me feel better.

26 September, 2007

Other people's trash and we suck

Last week boy toy saw some toys that someone was throwing out. We scored a funky Big Wheel like thing and a tricycle that has a long handle. We tried out the tricycle this weekend. Spotty and I loved it. We took a nice long walk around the neighborhood. When Spotty wanted to walk I was able to push the bike without having to bend over or pick it up. As Spotty Chop was “peddling” I had to remind myself to walk slowly so I wouldn’t force him to peddle to fast. I am a fast walker, but the simple pleasure of slowing down and watching my son with a grin as wide as can be as we went through the neighborhood “all by myself”, was the highlight of the weekend.

We finally went to visit boy toy’s parents. We haven’t seen them since June, we suck. I dropped Spotty and boy toy off and then ran to the mall. A new Hanna shop opened up at the Natick mall and I wanted to pick up some stuff at Origins. Funny but they are next to each other in the mall and I saw that as a sign from god that I should shop.

Spotty had a blast chasing the dog around the house, until he drove grammie and grumpy batty. So we went outside where they had an even better time as they had more room and were able to include us in the fun.

23 September, 2007

Book Review - This Alien Shore

I get so caught up in the fantasy realm of reading that I tend to forget about SciFi, until a book comes along and slaps me in the face with its goodness. My brother brought a very large container of books to my moms a few weeks back so I could look through them. I found 3 of the 1st of a series that I was looking for as well as a few others. This Alien Shore looked really interesting. There is a girl in danger Jamisia and who has knowledge that could change several worlds. This book has a bit of everything; death, destruction, torture, lots of interesting characters who may or may not be what they seem; an interesting view of “madness”; hackers; real aliens that find humans tasty and forbidden love…well lust at least.

Jamisia wakes up with the voices in her head screaming at her to run, she has been betrayed. Her tutor finds her rushes her to a pod, tells her it was his job to kill her to prevent her capture, but he instead frees her.

Everyone seems to have brainware that helps keep them in touch with anyone and anything they need in the universe, think of the world wide web in your head. It will even track what’s going on with your body and offer up medication if anything delves from the norm.

Earth has been a rat fink bastard again and done some pretty shitty things to Earth’s space colonists. Unfortunately it wasn’t all unwarranted. Apparently the process that allowed the colonists to leave the over populated and under resourced Earth turned the colonists into mutant alien freaks….who still considered themselves human. There were planet wide riots on Earth when they found out and the Earth cut off all contact with the colonists causing hundreds of thousands to die.

The plot is good, the story is fast paced and the ending isn’t exactly what you were expecting. All in all a really good read. I just may have to re-read Friedman’s other books.

21 September, 2007

Book Review - Blood of the Fold

Book three of the Sword of Truth. I love Gratch, I just want to give him a snuggle. I really like how the Mord-Sith are coming along. They are still crazy byotches, but now they have a sense of humor. Funny how intolerant I am; Richard seems to be a bit squeamish about same sex couples. I seriously wanted to slap the shit out of him. Richard is still making it up as he goes along. We meet more enemies and more crazies that are all hell bent on capturing, killing and torturing. The Prelate is having a fine time for herself, we find out a bit of back story on Warren and Verna. The Sisters of the Dark learn that sometimes it sucks to be them.

I had an epiphany while reading the other night. I think the reason I like this series so much is because Richard is a Reader. He loves books. He walks through hell and back. Why? To get a book. He stays up all night. Why? Reading a book. Who hasn’t done that?

Zed you wacky wacky boy.

Onto book 4

Showtime and Spiders part 2

Apparently while Spotty was at SIL's today the kids came up with a new game. “Showtime”, they each took turns taking center stage (the middle of the lawn) and did a dance, they clapped for each other and then the next one performed. Auntie said it was really cute. When I got there they insisted that it was my turn, so I shook my groove thing and then sat down to enjoy the rest of the show.

I am happy that Spotty seems to be getting back to himself. When the kids have been outside playing Spotty had just been standing around crying. None of us can figure out what the issue is. Did he see spiders? This has been a huge topic of conversation at bedtime and he even started waking up 10-15 times a night crying that the spiders were coming to get him. Boy toy and I decided we would have Bert be his spider slayer and as boy toy was telling spotty chop how the spiders are afraid of Bert, I went to go get him…apparently Bert is off spider hunting because I can’t find him ANYWHERE. Luckily when we were in London last year and went to the Tower of London we picked up a “Beefeater Bear”. We explained that this was a special guard bear who would stay awake all night and make sure no spiders came into the room. Maybe it’s working?

20 September, 2007

One of the best book reviews I have ever read

If the only good thing that comes from my blogging is that I can turn at least one person onto this book review I will considered my work here done. Doppelganger is bright, sassy and by god she can turn a phase. When I grow up I want to write just like her.

And now
Dr. Suess 101

18 September, 2007

Robert Jordan's What?

I get a phone call from a friend fairly late last night. I don’t know what to do. And I have a brief and intense panic attack. Something is wrong, someone is sick, someone is dead, dear god what am I going to do, be strong What I say is what do you need? What can I do. He then says what are we going to do? Robert Jordan is DEAD! And I am so relieved that it is not one of the family that I immediately think who the fuck cares if a basketball player is dead? You don’t watch basket…WHAT did you just say?

Associated Press states that Robert Jord…
He is dead
He can’t be dead
He is, it says so
You must be reading it wrong, read it again
Author Robert Jordan, whose "Wheel of Time" series of fantasy novels sold millions of copies, has died of a rare blood disease, his aide said Monday. He was 58.
What about the book
He is dead
Are you sure?
I am reading it right now
Ooooohh well if it is written down then it must be true.
Jordan, whose real name was James Oliver Rigney Jr., died Sunday at the Medical University of South Carolina of complications from primary amyloidosis with cardiomyopathy
Jordan was working on a 12th volume at the time of his death
No it says he finished the book
No was working
That is not what it said
Was working not finished
Is there something wrong with your eyes? He can’t be dead if he is not finished with the end
What am I going to do
You listen to me, We didn’t waste 12 years of our Fin lives to have him go off and die before finishing the story HE IS NOT DEAD
I don’t think your not wanted to believe is going to make it so
Says who?
Associated Press
Oh we are back to that are we? I think it’s a joke, maybe to raise the prices?
Why did he waste time with the prequel?
Damn I was thinking the same thing, but I am listening to it now in the car and I really like it.
What are we going to do he's dead
He can’t be dead, the books aren’t done…are you sure?
He’s dead
Sort of Dead?
No Dead Dead
Pushing up daisy dead?
Yes pushing up daisy’s…but I am reading that they may have another author finish the story
Like that will work…Fuckers…Dead?

The wheel weaves as the wheel wills – Safe Travels Rob we will miss you

Day with Thomas

We surprised Spotty Chop with a day out with Thomas. We were there by 9:30, thanks to the GPS…well maybe despite it. It brought us to what we think was an old entrance, we could see the carnival like activities, but as they say “couldn’t get there from here”. We finally made it and then got front row parking. Our tickets were waiting for us and Spotty was nearly dancing with glee. It’s Thomas! he yelled as we walked passed giant pictures of the Sodor family. Dada said “it gets better kid; we are going to ride on Thomas”! We watched as Thomas pulled into the station and then climbed aboard. Spotty handed his ticket to the conductor and got a Jr. Engineer certificate. We pointed out the butterflies, dinosaurs etc. that were out in the cranberry bogs and he seemed to be having an ok time. Not the “oh my god my parents rock and I have never had a better time in my life” that I was hoping for. Spotty isn’t a Thomas fanatic, maybe that’s it, I thought. But after we got off of the train, got our obligatory photo snapped, we found out what his deal was. Spotty climb up on that train so mama can take your picture, He wanted none of that. Apparently he spotted the fire truck and bulldozer that you could climb on and he was making a bee line to it, no one and nothing was going to stand in his way…well except for the sandbox. We are bowing to the inevitable; we will be building the kid a sandbox. It is where he is happiest.

We rode on a bunch of rides; Spotty decided that he really didn’t like the rides that went up high. He would only ride with me, I think if his daddy just took him they would have been fine, but you know how boys are. Spotty had the most fun at one of the games of chance. It was a duck pool filled with water and rubber ducks. Everyone was a winner and after you paid the man you got a prize. Spotty didn’t seem to care about the prize; he just wanted to splash with the ducks…until we started to walk away, then he need the GIANT hammer.

We ended the day with me loosing my pocketbook. Well actually, me putting the pocketbook down next to the boy toy who was sitting next to the lake on one of the benches and chasing after Spotty. Boy toy later got up and left my pocketbook there. Luckily it was still there. The people who were sitting next to us were keeping an eye out for me. We thought it was yours, why didn’t he bring it with him?

Good friggen question I replied, it must be a guy thing. They all laughed.

Spotty fell asleep on the ride home, he woke up a bit when we took him out of the car, but fell back asleep when we put him on the warm waterbed, I climbed in next to him and had a good rest too. All that fun can be tiring.

17 September, 2007

Shower Update

China Pearl didn’t look like much from the outside, but once you walked in the front door you were blown away. I was the first to show up and the manager showed me to the section we would be at. It was raised about the main floor, and overlooked the entire place. I started bringing in all of the “props” when a few of the other girls showed up. We spent our time setting up the gift table, wrapping the gifts for winning the games and fixing the tables up.

Boy toy called to let me know the MIL called the house, he wasn’t sure why. I called her and she was at the door waiting for help to bring everything she had in. So I schlept everything in, and then set everything up the way MIL liked, and then needed to turn away and take deep breaths. The girls kept singing under their breath. “just keep smiling smiling smiling”. The MIL is definitely used to being in charge and getting her way. The girl who’s mom is sick didn’t show up. The Bride’s sister was stuck in traffic and stressing out as she had part of the centerpieces. I gave her a call and told her under NO circumstances was she to stress out. She got her when she got here and it was all good. MIL kept saying (and getting louder) where IS SHE???? So I pulled her aside and explained that 1) she was stuck in traffic 2) she was stressed out about it 3) it didn’t matter, everything was fine. MIL didn’t bring it up again.

I think the Bride really enjoyed herself. She was surrounded by friends and family who all love her. We ate great Dim Sum, well…except for that 1000 year old egg soup…wouldn’t recommend it. The games were a blast! We did a pocketbook scavenger hunt and I have to tell you I have NO IDEA how some of these women can stand with the amount of CRAP they keep in their pocketbooks. Why would you have postcards? Scissors? I think the highlight was the toilet paper bride’s dresses. That just had to be seen to be believed. The favors went over well, and the looked so Frelling awesome. The cake was not only beautiful but delish!

I guess I didn’t need to stress out as much as I had because everything went really well. But damn I am glad it’s over.

14 September, 2007

Bridal Shower of Doom

Tomorrow is the BRIDAL SHOWER OF DOOOOOMMmmmmm…..my girlfriend in a moment of insanity asked me to be her maid of honor. I being the dork I am was so touched that I said yes. Did I mention that I have NEVER been in a wedding party? I have managed for almost 4 decades to avoid this, I have cheerfully listened to my friends whine and complain about Bridezilla, Hideous dresses, out of control MIL’s or Moms while snickering inside. “dumbasses”.

Now I am the dumbass, but you know, it’s not so bad. The Bride is one of the nicest people I know, she truly would bend over backwards to help you, and she is not a doormat. The other girls in the party are lots of fun. There is an Asia theme to the shower and we are going out for Dim Sum. I invited almost 80 and thankfully only 25 have accepted.

The MIL is making the centerpieces. The Bride’s mom has been dealing with her mom (mid ninety’s) who is not doing well, but she has been checking in with me to see if she can help and tossed some money in to help defray the cost that her grand daughter just can’t afford. Her sister is making funny fortunes to go in the centerpieces; making sure that I ask for all the money I am entitled to, and keeps thinking of items to add (stamps, you shouldn’t have to pay for all that postage). One of her work friends is in charge of coming up with “games” to play. The Bride wants games and we are all asking each other, “who is this person and what has she done with the Bride?”. The Bride’s daughter is making the cake (as well as our jewelry for the wedding). I put the favors together, and the gift. Unfortunately one of the girls mom is really really sick. I hope she shows up tomorrow.

I hope everything goes well; I have been really uptight because I want this to be a great party for my friend. Keep your fingers crossed.

Book Review - Stone of Tears

Onto book two of the Sword of Truth series. The book starts off with Rachel, the foundling that Chase adopted, watching something that made her very nervous. When she tries to tell Chase about it he pats her on the head and tells her not to worry. He and Zed are busy discussing the boxes of Orden and what should be done about it. Of course this is the time that some demon like killing machine makes his appearance kicks the crap out of Chase, knocking Zed over and proceeds to smack Chase to within an inch of his life. Rachel being the kick ass kid that she is remembers Wizard Giller’s magic fire stick and torches the demon like thingy. I hope we get to see more of Rachel. I like this kid. Mayhem ensues. Lots of death and destruction commence.

I like how the D’Harans are more fleshed out. One of my favorite quotes is from a D’Hara commander who when being told what the former Load Rahl was up to stated. “Bloody fool. He’s supposed to serve us, not take us into eternal night. Someone should have killed him.” My thoughts exactly
We meet up with the Mud people again and gain some new enemies as well as new friends. Damn Richard can be a dumb ass.

I had trouble reading this book. Even though I have read it at least 4 times once I got to the Sisters of Light I had to force myself to keep reading. I don’t know what it was. Perhaps it was Kahlan’s sacrifice? Lord knows I have no issue with the fighting. I really enjoyed Sister Verna and Richards trip together. I can just see now how much I am going to want to strangle Spotty Chop in the future. Nathan the prophet is an interesting character and as they say, there seems to be a method to his madness.

I don’t want to say too much about Kahlan, but girl has gonads of steel. One thing I like most about strong fantasy writers are how female characters are generally portrayed. They don’t make them perfect, but they can kick ass with the best of them.

Great read, can’t wait to read the 3rd one.

13 September, 2007


Spotty chop is suddenly very afraid of spiders. It started off that he was scared of Spider Man. Not sure where that comes from as we don’t watch spider man or talk about him. We do have one of those blow up punching bad thingies but Spotty rides it like a bull.

Now he is afraid of the actual 8 legged creature. If I leave the room a short time later he will come running to find me crying the spiders will get me. Before he falls asleep he tells me the spiders are coming. I keep reassuring him that the spiders will not come to get him and that I won’t let them get him. But I have no idea where this is coming from. It did start after camping, there were plenty of spiders camping, and in the tent, but I never noticed him freaking out over them, and boy toy and I don’t freak out over spiders, we kind of nudge them along to get out of our way.

Maybe we should stop forcing him to watch Steven Kings IT?

12 September, 2007

Pot Smoking and Children

Babble has an interesting column on pot smoking and dealing with your children.

The writer talks about her shitty day and how her toddler frayed her last nerve. So she heads to the mall and before putting the kid in the stroller takes a hit or two. I liked the article. For me personally I could not smoke pot and deal with my boy. I would be too afraid that the one time I took a hit too many Spotty will crack his head open/loose consciousness, break a bone or two and I will not be able to function the way I should. Now that’s me. I am not saying that anyone that has ever toked a few and then dealt with their child should be shot. I am of the belief that smoking pot and drinking are pretty much the same in terms of effects it has on folks. Well, on most folks. Alcohol makes some of us violent, mean and ugly. Which is why some of us no longer drink. I have never seen pot make anyone violent, mean and ugly. Stupid, hungry and sleepy, but not so much on the violent side. This is not to say that I condone heavy drug abuse around children. I worked for several years in a group home for emotionally disturbed boys and I saw first hand what heavy drug use in the home can do to a child. But that is not what the article is about. In fact the author was trying to remind folks that you need to remember you child is a child and try getting down on his level and see the world the way they see it. The comments as you would expect were hot and heavy. With the folks who have never done drugs ready to call in the police and publicly flog the mother. Folks that may have been around the block once or twice seems a bit more level headed in their comments and reasons behind them. I did take exception to one comment made that “you knew it would be hard and what you were getting into when you became a parent” and I have to say BULLSHIT. People tell you it’s hard, that kids can be trying, or that they will drive you crazy, but until you have gone through the process and actually had your child and then spent some time with them. You have no friggen idea what it’s going to be like. You may have had thoughts, wishes on how it might be, but I don’t think anything can prepare you for the reality that is parenthood.

11 September, 2007

Quiet weekend

This weekend was pretty low key. I had to get my hair colored so my dad watched Spotty Chop for me. My mom was working. Spotty LOVES his Papa. They go to the dump together; they play in the tires, watch the machines and unload the trash. Then it’s off to the shirt store so my dad can have his shirts cleaned and pressed. The last stop before heading back to the house is the beer store where they get wine for Nannie and beer for Papa. The girls at the liquor store have a lolly for him; actually I think the shirt store folks have a lolly for him too. Once they get home it’s time to garden, play with the trucks and perhaps a trip to the park. It is so cool to see my dad with Spotty. I mean you expect your parents to love your kid, that’s what grandparents are for. My mom is so smitten that she has turned into the type of grandparent that she has always made fun of, brings out pictures and tells anyone that will listen of his latest adventures. She knows it too and makes fun of herself. But my dad, I think he has surprised himself with how much fun he has with Spotty. My mom thinks it’s because he could never really spend time with us as we grew up. He worked two jobs and went to school nights and was in the army reserve. I don’t remember my dad not being there though. When I think of my childhood all I can remember is how much fun we all had.

I hope Spotty can say the same when he is grown. Boy toy and I have issues (doesn’t everybody?) and I just pray that we don’t somehow taint him with our own crap. God knows he is loved. He is the best thing that ever happened to us. We will just need to keep working at it.
Spotty never wakes boy toy up he always wakes me, so Sunday morning when I woke up at 7:00am, I decided to crawl into Spotty’s bed…OK, actually, boy toy and Spotty were taking up the whole bed and I just wanted to stretch out, in a toddler bed that has a crib mattress, which is kind of sad if you think about it. Spotty whispered “WAKE UP DADA” as they were nose to nose. Boy toy pretended to be annoyed that he actually had to wake up early, but he kept grinning every time Spotty to his hand and said “come on dada”. Spotty kept us hopping with puzzles, trucks and trains in addition to all the help doing dishes, laundry and building. Boy toy spent the day building shelves for our DVD’s and tapes. We bought a new TV and need to get rid of the entertainment center we have. Spotty was a big help. We also took over a 3 hour nap, which was great for me as I haven’t slept for more than 2 hours at a time for weeks. Of course boy toy woke us up by dive bombing us with pillows. Spotty was giggling up a storm. It’s got to be a guy thing.

09 September, 2007

Book Review - The Hob’s Bargain

This is a bit of a departure for me, it’s a stand alone story, not a series, but it’s by an author I enjoy and as I am re-reading a long series, this is a nice break in between the stories I have read multiple times.

Aren is happy, she just got married to a good man, and her life finally seems to be on the right path only problem is that she has foretelling; visions of the future, she has had to hide it her whole life as the town is afraid of anyone with power. They can be used by and turned into bloodmages.

Tragedy strikes and the town has to search for help. Unfortunately it seems as if they are not the only ones in trouble. But they pull together and try to protect themselves the best they can. Of course since Aren is different and “smells of magic” some of villagers begin to think that this could be all of her fault. Luckily for the villagers Aren is the only one who can secure the help they all need, from a mysterious and magical creature the Hob. Now I am not talking about some cute little elf or fairy here. Hob is a mischievous killing machine. Who happens to be the last of his kind.

This wasn’t the best book I have ever read. But I would read it again. The characters are strong. Not everyone is as they seem and sometimes you can find friends in unlikely places.

08 September, 2007

Pick up a book Gosh Darn It!

I was reading last weeks TIME and they have a section called “Numbers”. There was a quote under Literacy that I thought was interesting.
“25% - Percentage of U.S. adults who did not read any books in the past year, according to an Associated Press Ipsos poll. The average person said he or she read four. “

That number baffles me. Since my posting of the Wizards First Rule I have finished 3 other books and am on another. So in about a month’s time I have read more than the average American does in a year. Now I know I am perhaps an anomaly as I would rather read than pretty much anything (excluding playing with Spotty…unless we are watching Dora for the 20000000 time, then I slip in a chapter or 10). And I know that statistics are a Frelling science in itself and a class that sucks when you are suffering a major concussion and have trouble differentiating between 2XxY and 2(XxY). Honestly I think I just hate numbers – Mama’s convince your girl children that math is not for boys, it’s for smart people. But DAMN people, 4 books, I bet we are not even talking about the 900-1000 page behemoths that I prefer.

Then again I haven’t done any research, but I would have to assume that the better off you are financially the more time you have to read books? I can understand if you are worried about how you are going to feed or house your child you may not have time to read about THE OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA.

As for my book reviews? Honestly I would rather be reading than blogging, but I have read some good ones so expect to hear about Stone of Tears; The Hob’s Bargain and This Alien Shore. And then as I am currently reading Blood of the Fold, I will probably be done with that one too by the time I actually write up some of these reviews. Stay tuned

07 September, 2007

Uncooked Meat: A Rant for all time

I just love this post. In fact have it saved as a favorite so I can pull up when I am feeling cranky.

Uncooked Meat: Just can't find the time to write my mind the way I want it to read: "Open letters to the various irritations in my life"

06 September, 2007

Cramps and Love

I just got leg cramps, the kind that makes it impossible to walk. That makes your feet all pins and needles. That make you want to cry because they are so painful. As I was walking on the cold tile floor. Boy Toy asked if I was ok and then told Spotty Chop that they needed to stop playing their video game because mama's legs hurt and he needed to see if I needed help. Spotty jumped up and said I can fix it. He ran over to me put his arms around my legs and gave each a kiss. And gosh darn it, I did feel better. I love that kid

Cutesy Pet Names

My girlfriend just sent me this link
just call me Naughty Thighs

Bowling for Dummies

Last night Spotty and the boy toy were playing outside and they created a game that seemed to make the both of them very happy. Spotty wanted to play bowling with the giant plastic bowling balls and pins that we have and the boy toy moved the pins from the patio to the grass, apparently there was a bee’s nest over in the patio area. As he was placing pins, Spotty took his dump truck and knocked them down. So the boy toy started putting the pins further and further apart until the 2 of them were racing around the yard laughing like loons. Big loon playing his own game trying to set up all the pins before little loon could knock one down. Surprise surprise big loon needed to rest a lot sooner than the little loon.

04 September, 2007

Camping with a 2 year old

We are back from a wonderful weekend up in the White Mountains camping. We have been camping with Spotty Chop since he was 4 months old. He has 5 or 6 trips under his belt now. He is a seasoned veteran. What was new this trip was the fact that he did all of the driving in the campground. He was in 7th heaven.

We have been going to
FransTed campground for almost 20-21 years now. Before Spotty Chop came along, we would do FransTed once or twice a year and then do a wilderness trip or two. With a 2 year old I like having a community. Everyone knows him; people are looking out for him; we know where and how fast we can get to the ER. We get the best of both worlds with our site. It is super private, no one else is around. But we are a short walk to a bathroom, with running hot water and showers (that you don’t have to pay to use the hot water). They have a great playground, mini golf and a giant field to play soccer etc. on. They have scavenger hunts; candy bar BINGO, movie nights. A good time is had by all. This is the place we take anyone who has never camped before. We have created plenty of hard core campers because of it.

I love our tent. We purchased a new one at the start of this year. It’s a
Vaude and it kicks ass. I love the design of it and all of the space it gives us. There are two separate sleeping areas and then a giant common area in between. It is great to have space inside when the boy wakes up at 6:00 and it is too Frelling cold to leave the tent. Or if it rains we can all play trucks and not get in each others way. We spend a lot of time reading in the tent too.

We have had Spotty sleeping with us in one of the sleeping areas, but he is really too restless, and the sleeping area is designed for two, to give any of us a good night sleep. He was excited to have his “own” tent. The first night he woke around 3AM crying and I went over to comfort him. He sleeps in a big dog bed on top of an air mattress. There was only enough room for me to lie on one side. It was Frelling cold out and the mattress had a leak/wasn’t blown up enough so my hip was on the ground the whole night (and it is still killing me, aspirin doesn’t seem to be dulling the pain any). I can’t remember when I was more uncomfortable. The 2nd night it was FREEZING out (30 degrees), so I put one of his blankets on him, then a sleeping bag folded twice and then another sleeping bag. He woke up around 6:30ish, unzipped his side and came over to our side letting me know he wanted to snuggle. You might be thinking “perfect right”? Not so much. I woke up at least 10 times worrying that he was suffocating, and knowing it was irrational, so I would not get out of the tent, because I would have woken him up, but then worrying that he couldn’t breath…what if he was dead? What would I do? Can he breathe through a blanket? Is he ok? What if he is suffocating right now? What do I do????? So the 3rd night boy toy said “for Christ’s sake, he is coming into bed with us.” And he did, and it was good, except he had a coughing fit for around an hour at 4am, and our 29 lb cherub somehow takes up most of the bed with his feet in my neck and his head in his dada’s chest.

We went to Clarks Trading Post. Spotty likes the train ride; he likes looking in on the bears, but doesn’t have enough patience to sit through the show. He loved the playground, give this boy a dump truck and a place to run and he is set. We got old fashion photos done again. This will be a tradition for as long as I can force it. Last year we were a prospector’s family. This year we were the Admiral’s family (damn did Spotty look cute in a sailor suit). He had the most fun pushing a carriage around the park. I think he will like this place a lot when he gets older. Right now we just do it for the train ride and the photo. If I can find another place that does the old time photos we may skip Clarks for a year or two. But then again while we were leaving Spotty told the boy toy, I had fun you and mama today dada. Hell, if it brings a smile on his face I will go back every year.

We took Spotty for his first official hike Kinsman Falls over at the Basin. It was only .5 mile hike. Spotty would have loved to have gone on, but we determined that we would never get down the mountain before dark. And traveling down a mountain in the dark with a 2 year old that feels he must RUN down the mountain was more than I could stand. I can’t wait for next year; I think we might try Artists bluff. We have a book of family friendly hiking that we had originally picked up because we would take so many people camping with kids. I think it might be a good time to drag that out too.

I am so happy that Spotty really seems to like camping. I think it will be great seeing him grow up at this campground, making camping friends, bringing new friends camping. We will probably stick with Fransted for awhile, but Gunstock was always fun and there is a lot to do. I would really like to camp on Martha’s Vineyard. I can not WAIT to go back to Acadia, that will blow his mind, and there is always Ft. Wilderness, Camping and Disney? What isn’t there to love? Besides we spent so Frelling much on the tent that we need to go camping at least 3 times a year for the next 10 years to get a good ROI.