13 July, 2015

4th of July at Fransted Campground

We celebrated the land of the free and the home of the brave by heading north to the mountains. This was a bit of a bizarre trip for us.  We went up on Friday and hit NO TRAFFIC – so the trip that generally takes 3.5-4 hours took a little over 2. We started the night off with the neighbors fireworks. They were amazing. Spotty was a bit bummed that he didn’t meet any friends, but we told him “dude, we have only been up here for 3 hours and we set up camp and now its dark and are watching fireworks, don’t worry about it – you will find friends to hang out with tomorrow. 

I love seeing Spotty Chop first thing in the morning. I think he is adorkable!

Saturday was the Franconia parade and it did not disappoint (short, sweet and no traffic). 

these guys loved boy toy and spotty chop's decorating so much they gave us all leis 

boy toy likes to photobomb

When we got back to camp Boy Toy asked if he was going to head down to the fields to see if anyone was hanging out. Spotty said no, that he didn’t want to anymore. We convinced him to go down and just see what was up, he could always hang with us. Well he went off and found some folks to hang with, and we never really saw him again.  They were from Ohio, 3 kids 15, 12, 9. The 12 year old is reading the same series Spotty is (it’s the BEST), the 15 year old just got super smash brothers for the DS3 and hadn’t played with anyone before (Spotty is a pro) and the 9 year old loved river tubing.  

Spotty had a blast. He did come up to eat on occasion and we had to hit Chutters so he agreed to do that and that was kinda it.  Boy Toy and I hung out with our friends parents. I read, Boy Toy helped plant some plants. It was a very relaxing trip, even if we didn’t get to spend any time with our boy (who then felt guilty that he didn’t spend any time with us – don’t feel guilty – you make friends, it’s what you do.)

A present for Moo!