09 September, 2007

Book Review - The Hob’s Bargain

This is a bit of a departure for me, it’s a stand alone story, not a series, but it’s by an author I enjoy and as I am re-reading a long series, this is a nice break in between the stories I have read multiple times.

Aren is happy, she just got married to a good man, and her life finally seems to be on the right path only problem is that she has foretelling; visions of the future, she has had to hide it her whole life as the town is afraid of anyone with power. They can be used by and turned into bloodmages.

Tragedy strikes and the town has to search for help. Unfortunately it seems as if they are not the only ones in trouble. But they pull together and try to protect themselves the best they can. Of course since Aren is different and “smells of magic” some of villagers begin to think that this could be all of her fault. Luckily for the villagers Aren is the only one who can secure the help they all need, from a mysterious and magical creature the Hob. Now I am not talking about some cute little elf or fairy here. Hob is a mischievous killing machine. Who happens to be the last of his kind.

This wasn’t the best book I have ever read. But I would read it again. The characters are strong. Not everyone is as they seem and sometimes you can find friends in unlikely places.