18 September, 2007

Day with Thomas

We surprised Spotty Chop with a day out with Thomas. We were there by 9:30, thanks to the GPS…well maybe despite it. It brought us to what we think was an old entrance, we could see the carnival like activities, but as they say “couldn’t get there from here”. We finally made it and then got front row parking. Our tickets were waiting for us and Spotty was nearly dancing with glee. It’s Thomas! he yelled as we walked passed giant pictures of the Sodor family. Dada said “it gets better kid; we are going to ride on Thomas”! We watched as Thomas pulled into the station and then climbed aboard. Spotty handed his ticket to the conductor and got a Jr. Engineer certificate. We pointed out the butterflies, dinosaurs etc. that were out in the cranberry bogs and he seemed to be having an ok time. Not the “oh my god my parents rock and I have never had a better time in my life” that I was hoping for. Spotty isn’t a Thomas fanatic, maybe that’s it, I thought. But after we got off of the train, got our obligatory photo snapped, we found out what his deal was. Spotty climb up on that train so mama can take your picture, He wanted none of that. Apparently he spotted the fire truck and bulldozer that you could climb on and he was making a bee line to it, no one and nothing was going to stand in his way…well except for the sandbox. We are bowing to the inevitable; we will be building the kid a sandbox. It is where he is happiest.

We rode on a bunch of rides; Spotty decided that he really didn’t like the rides that went up high. He would only ride with me, I think if his daddy just took him they would have been fine, but you know how boys are. Spotty had the most fun at one of the games of chance. It was a duck pool filled with water and rubber ducks. Everyone was a winner and after you paid the man you got a prize. Spotty didn’t seem to care about the prize; he just wanted to splash with the ducks…until we started to walk away, then he need the GIANT hammer.

We ended the day with me loosing my pocketbook. Well actually, me putting the pocketbook down next to the boy toy who was sitting next to the lake on one of the benches and chasing after Spotty. Boy toy later got up and left my pocketbook there. Luckily it was still there. The people who were sitting next to us were keeping an eye out for me. We thought it was yours, why didn’t he bring it with him?

Good friggen question I replied, it must be a guy thing. They all laughed.

Spotty fell asleep on the ride home, he woke up a bit when we took him out of the car, but fell back asleep when we put him on the warm waterbed, I climbed in next to him and had a good rest too. All that fun can be tiring.