03 April, 2014

Dear Spotty Chop you are 109 months old

You participated in a Read a thon at school. You got an award for being the top reader in your class! We think that is so awesome!  You have been getting little awards each week (pencils, erasers, thingys that go on pencils) but this feat had granted you a $10 giftcard for scholastic books. You are so excited.

Books read:

  • Timmy Failure – now look what you’ve done by Stephan Pastis -- you love this series
  • Princess Lablemaker to the Rescue – an origami yoda book – by Tom Angleberger -- this may be one of your favorite series ever
  • The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great – Gerald Morris -- you really like this and want more of the series
  • Alvin Ho – Allergic to camping, hiking, and other natural disasters – by Lenore Look -- you liked t his enough that I bought you the first in the series (BAD ME for getting the 2nd book in a series first)
  • White Crane – Samurai Kids – by Sandy Fussell --  I was very happy you liked this book. The premise is that a bunch of disabled kids (that no other sensei wanted) are all being taught by one sensei. The book came at a good time as your father had taped a lot of the para Olympics and many of the commercials during the event showcased disabled people that sort of freaked you out.  
  • Ordinary Boy by William Boniface -- you liked it, but it wasn’t a Fav
  • Astronaut Academy - Re-entry - by Dave Roman - this is another favorite series for you
  • Stuart Little - by E.B. White -- YOU LOVED THIS  I was surprised by how much, but I guess I shouldn’t have been as last year your teacher read Charlotte’s web and you loved it.
  • Almost Super – by Marion Jensen – you have also joined a group at the library where you commit to reading 10 new books (that the child’s librarian chooses). In January you will all get together and vote on things like best male character, best female, best cover, best ending etc. You weren’t crazy about the book when you first started reading it. But you have in fact decided that it just might be your favorite of the year
  •  I’m reading you Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets by J. K. Rowling -- This is the series that has you asking me to read during the day
  • Your dad is reading you  Lawn Mower Magic - A Stepping Stone Book - by Lynne Jonell  -- your dad hasn’t read to you in awhile so I made sure to grab something for him to read you for your birthday. I think he missed reading to you (even if you drive him MAD when you correct him. I had to reassure Boy Toy that you do that to me too.

You recently tried: asparagus – like it; sweet potatoes (in non fry form) – like fries better; peppers & onions (cooked with sausage) – onion you said didn’t taste like anything, red pepper mad the sausage taste sweeter.

You also helped us pick out a new (to us) vehicle. We are now the proud owners of a red 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe. It’s selling points (for you) the rear seats recline, you have your own arm rest and cup holder. You have air vents in back, but most importantly, you have your own plug to charge your games.

We hosted our first sleep over. JMan came and the two of you had a blast. You unfortunately had hockey the next morning so I did have to ask you guys to go to bed. But I promised that once hockey was done we would have JMan back and then the two of you could stay up as late as you wanted.

Love ya little dude (who is 4 ½ feet tall and 70 lbs)