03 August, 2010

Dear Spotty Chop you are 65 months today

We watched the Princess and the Frog. During one of the Jazz numbers you put your hand out and said to me “care to dance with me mama?” to which I said “HELL YA” and we boogied.

We were over the Terminators house. You asked if you could go off of the diving board. I said yes. You jumped and asked if you could do it again. I said knock yourself out. You then proceeded to do front flips. After I picked my jaw up off the ground I asked why you were doing flips. Your response? “I thought it would be fun”.

We had a sleep over at Nannie and Papa’s when I went to NYC. Around 2:00am your crying woke me. I asked you what was wrong. “Oh mama I could not find you, it was so dark. I’m ok now, you are here.” Buddy – you and are I SHARING a twin bed. Your mama is not a small girl…and YOU HAVE BEEN SLEEPING ON MY HEAD FOR MOST OF THE NIGHT. Where do you think I went?

Favorite song – Bare Naked Ladies – Crazy ABC’s. We listened to it 27 times in a row…

You are really enjoying swimming at Rosemary with your friends.

Papa took you to Battleship Cove. You told him you loved the Viking ships! You liked the submarines too.

You Nannie and Papa went on the paddle boats. Nannie hates the geese, she says they are vicious. You kept an eye out for them and would scream PADDLE FASTER NANNIE THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU.

You have your dad drawing the super Mario worlds that you and he complete. This fascinates you.

The ice cream truck lady is always watching to see if you will throw the door open or fly out of the house. She makes sure she drives really slowly past our house to give you time to get to her.

Papa pretends to give you a shot (with a GIANT syringe) but he fills it with water and squirts you. You both drive Nannie crazy!

Instead of knuckle bumps you give me knuckle kisses.

Papa has a meeting ever Monday with his team to discuss the week ahead. Someone had scheduled a meeting on a Tuesday and before Papa could say something someone else said “Oh No, Tuesday is Spotty day, we can’t have a meeting on Tuesday. This needs to be changed.” Another time there needed to be a lab visit and someone else said, “Crap it’s Tuesday, you can’t do this Papa. Don’t worry I will go.” Papa told them all how you are going to school come the fall and won’t have Timmy days anymore. Everyone was upset so they set up a meeting to discuss how Papa could still see you. “You need to pick him up from school”, “don’t send him to school some days so you can have adventures”…

You are addicted to baloney sandwiches. You would happily eat theses for every meal. You will no longer drink chocolate milk in a box, you say it tastes funny. You will still drink Hersey’s chocolate milk in a box, or you will allow us to make you chocolate milk with Hersey’s syrup.

You are in our pool at least 1 hour every day, on weekends it’s more like 3 or 5 hours. You have a knack for saving dragon flies that fall into the pool.

You are still the best thing that ever happened to me

I love you kiddo!