27 September, 2007

A long day

Spotty chop dressed me today; He picked out black shiny stretch pants/leggings with lace around the ankles and an emerald green silk nightgown. I look smashing. Spotty has been playing rough all day. He has been jumping from the top of the couch onto my back as I worked, run across the room yelling “body slam”and then slammed into me, used the curtains to jump down onto me, and used my hair as a repelling rope to get off of the couch. It has been a long day. I keep asking him to be careful and that he was hurting me, but it was like talking to…a 2 year old. I did end up yelling at one point and we both apologized.

I hate loosing my temper, but my kidney stones are acting up. I am so fed up with work, I feel like I am not trusted anymore, I’ve been kicked off the fast track and am now slumming it with the rest of the weasels. It feels like someone kicked me in the tail bone. I’ve got a head ache. My girlfriend’s MIL is acting like a true clam. The wedding is in 16 days. I think I am just in the mood to be pissy. I’m going to take a shower, maybe that will make me feel better.

Spotty just kicked his daddy in the kneecap, he is in pain. Somehow that makes me feel better.