03 January, 2012

Dear Spotty Chop you are 82 months old today

It’s a new Year! I hope this year brings you joy, peace, love…and video games!

This past month was crazy busy. You were a trooper throughout! I was able to go to your school and participate in the holiday shop again. You were so excited to buy things for people. You and your friends were fun to be with. I was in a car accident later that day and I was a bit of a mess when I went to pick you up from the afterschool program. I would have had Jman’s mom get you, but Jman had a doc appointment that she didn’t want to miss. I do really well during a crisis, but once the crisis is over I fall apart. You ran to your bag and said “mama, I think you need a present”. You gave me the gift you bought me at the holiday shop. Lemon Scented body glitter. God you make me laugh. I love this gift!

You have been spending a lot of time with Jman this month. Jman’s parents and I seem to be swapping picking you up. One night traffic was so bad I didn’t think I would get to you in time, another time Campbell (Jman’s mom) had a late meeting and didn’t think she would get to pick up on time. It is so nice to have a back up! Or the ability to let you play with your friends for longer. Jman had a birthday this month and you had a blast at the party. There was bowling, a cannon ball fight and an arcade. On his real birthday you went to his house after school so I could go to a cookie swap. I don’t think you left their house until after 9pm, you guys have such a blast together. Often after Jman is gone, you will sigh heavily and say “I wish we could just spend all of our time together.”

A school assignment you brought home was “I FELT LEFT OUT…”you wrote “because Jake has a sister and I don’t”. That nearly killed me. I feel really bad that you wish you had a sibling. Both dada and I explained that we were really lucky that we could have you and that another child just wasn’t going to happen. You seem to be ok with it. We then explained that you could have friends that were just as important as family, like Auntie Moo & Freak Show and Uncle B-52 and Lennon. You liked that idea.

Christmas was a blast this year. I was finally able to get you to tell me that you had asked Santa for an Lego Advent Calendar. I tried explaining that this was a gift that mama loved to give to you, but you were determined that Santa was going to bring you one so that you would have it for next year…You were very happy to see it under the tree on Christmas morning.

We also went up north for New Years. Santa’s Village had its own celebration and we had a great time enjoying an amusement park, in the dark, in the cold of winter. We stayed at the Red Jacket which boasted water slides, wave pools and…a hot tub! We had shown you a video of Eddie Murphy’s Celebrity Hot Tub Party and you did not find it funny at all. However after trying the hot tub you spent the rest of the weekend saying “it’s hot in the hot tub” and “it’s cool in the wave pool”.

I love you kid, may your hot tub stay hot