30 September, 2007

Book Review - Thud

If you have never read Terry Pratchett’s disk world you may want to give it a try. My brother turned me onto him with “Going Postal” and “Hogfather” that I will review when I get around to re-reading them. This may be the 30th in the series? I have no idea if reading the series from the beginning would be a help or not. I have been told no, but I have to tell you that not reading a book in a series in order is like…. I actually can’t really think of anything worse. Not eating ice cream? Dogs and Cats living together? But I have really enjoyed the books so I guess it is one of those mysteries of life they talk about.

Thud is the story of the age old conflict between dwarfs and trolls that apparently came to a head centuries ago at a place called Koom Valley. Commander Vimes of the City watch is trying to keep the powder keg that is the anniversary date of Koom Valley from blowing everything and everyone into smithereens but is being hampered by an internal audit which includes questions such as “I timed two officers in Broad Way earlier, and in the space of one hour they made no arrests,. Why was this an economic use of their time?” Affirmative Action” I’ve got to interview a damn vampire”; and most importantly 6:00pm. THE READING OF THE PICTURE BOOK.

Any book that misuses police manpower and authority to make sure that a dad gets home to read “Where is my Cow” to his son is AOK in my book…if I had a book, which I do, just not one I wrote.