25 April, 2010

2004 Jeep Liberty engines SUCK… Or what I have been doing since I last posted

A couple of weekends ago I was excited to talk about the Big Apple Circus. We brought Spotty Chop. He seemed to really enjoy himself.

Although we had a lot more fun trying to get our car out of the garage. They kept bringing us the wrong vehicle. At least 2 different Jeeps…at one point boy toy and I were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Everyone else waiting for cars seemed nervous. It was all good. While driving home the oil light came on. We needed gas anyways so we stopped to fill it and pour a quart in. The oil light kept coming on…>

Early Monday morning I was awoken to boy toy praying to the porcelain god. Apparently he wasn’t going to work. Spotty and I did our morning thing and hopped into the car. We were listening to Peter Pan unabridged (the original). About 15 – 20 minutes from the house when I heard something. I shut the CD off, Spotty was not happy. But then the car started to…hiccup…I decided to pull into a parking lot to see what the heck was going on and in the middle of my turn the car shut off. Luckily I had enough momentum to get into the parking lot and into a space.

Did I mention that it was the first day with a new boss????

I wrote to Auntie D who had #3 give me a call, he said have it towed to his house (about 3 minutes away) and we would see what was what. I left a message with my new boss that I wouldn’t be in and called boy toy to come rescue us. Boy toy came, pissed off because he had been telling me for months to go get an oil change and now this is the second fing time you have blown an engine because you don’t change the oil! He tossed me his AAA card and then left with Spotty to bring him to school.

I had NO emergency book in the car (I went to NY the week before and forgot a book for the flight so I grabbed it and forgot to replace it.) THE HORROR!

The tow truck eventually came, boy toy was back by then, we brought it to #3’s went home and I went to bed. That’s right at about 10:00am I was so stressed out that I went to bed until about 3:00. Woke up, we drove to 1) get Spotty and 2) pick up my mom’s car.

Later that night #3 called us to say “hey did you know that apparently there is a problem with 2004 Jeeps motors?” Boy toy took the pterodactyl out of his butt.

I wish I could tell you I have my Jeep back, but I don’t, these motors are flying off the shelves right now. We had one, but the RAT FINK MUTHER FUCKING BASTARDS sold it because they couldn’t wait the half a day it was going to take for #3 to get there with CASH! So they are rebuilding me a new one. I borrowed my mom’s car for a week, rented a car for a week and now since my folks are now in FL I have their cars for another week. Word of advice; don’t rent the cheapest car you can possibly find after driving a tricked out Honda…it’s not comfy…

We also had a carnival set up about 3 min from our house, we spent several days there. Do you think anyone had fun?

I visited with my Jeep yesterday, asked how she was feeling. She would like this over and done with, she wants to come home.

I know I have a few letters to Spotty that I need to get done. I have read 4 books since walking away from the eeeevile Facebook gaming empire. Hopefully I am back on track.
Although I feel like someone up there is laughing at me. Boy Toy finally has a job after being out of work for a year, the taxes come in and we have started digging ourselves out of the pit of doom we have been living under with only one paycheck (unemployment ran out several months ago)…and now this. I know we are SO fortunate. WE only spent one night shop vacing the basement and only lost 1 or 2 boxes during all of the flooding. WE kept our house; WE always are able to put food on the table; Spotty Chop is HEALTHY and HAPPY. But Damit Janet I wanted to start moving ahead again, I started thinking of maybe the Jersey Shore in October…oh well, as a famous man once said “shut up and soldier soldier!”

11 April, 2010

I'M ALIVEeeeeeeeeeeee

sprained my wrist, work project due, the house was struck with the plague multiple times and...perhaps the most daming....Farmville...and cafe world, and happy island, and petville and...and...and

Hi I'm Me and I'm a Facebookaholic

I actually rarely talk to people on facebook, i find it annoying, but Spotty Chop LOVES to buy stuff in the games. I swear to god, its not me. I am doing this for my son!

I have stuff to say, I actually read a book! on alien abduction!!!

but facebook is sooooo shiny....