17 September, 2007

Shower Update

China Pearl didn’t look like much from the outside, but once you walked in the front door you were blown away. I was the first to show up and the manager showed me to the section we would be at. It was raised about the main floor, and overlooked the entire place. I started bringing in all of the “props” when a few of the other girls showed up. We spent our time setting up the gift table, wrapping the gifts for winning the games and fixing the tables up.

Boy toy called to let me know the MIL called the house, he wasn’t sure why. I called her and she was at the door waiting for help to bring everything she had in. So I schlept everything in, and then set everything up the way MIL liked, and then needed to turn away and take deep breaths. The girls kept singing under their breath. “just keep smiling smiling smiling”. The MIL is definitely used to being in charge and getting her way. The girl who’s mom is sick didn’t show up. The Bride’s sister was stuck in traffic and stressing out as she had part of the centerpieces. I gave her a call and told her under NO circumstances was she to stress out. She got her when she got here and it was all good. MIL kept saying (and getting louder) where IS SHE???? So I pulled her aside and explained that 1) she was stuck in traffic 2) she was stressed out about it 3) it didn’t matter, everything was fine. MIL didn’t bring it up again.

I think the Bride really enjoyed herself. She was surrounded by friends and family who all love her. We ate great Dim Sum, well…except for that 1000 year old egg soup…wouldn’t recommend it. The games were a blast! We did a pocketbook scavenger hunt and I have to tell you I have NO IDEA how some of these women can stand with the amount of CRAP they keep in their pocketbooks. Why would you have postcards? Scissors? I think the highlight was the toilet paper bride’s dresses. That just had to be seen to be believed. The favors went over well, and the looked so Frelling awesome. The cake was not only beautiful but delish!

I guess I didn’t need to stress out as much as I had because everything went really well. But damn I am glad it’s over.