03 February, 2010

Dear Spotty Chop you are 59 months old today

You have said a few things lately that have made me stop in my tracks:

On our way to school one morning “My heart is going to explode! I love you tons and tons and tons and googleplex!”

Me frosting Boy Toy’s b-day cake “You really are a great mama” queue waterworks as he throws his arms around my neck.

On our way to school another morning “Am I going to die when I get old?” ‘babe everybody dies at some point, but it won’t be soon’“but do they come back?” ‘no love, you don’t come back’HYSTERICAL CRYING “but I will miss you I don’t want to die, “‘NO ONE IS DYING, YOU ARE NOT DYING, it’s ok bud’

You told your daddy the other day when he picked you up that you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, so he asked you if maybe you should go to bed a little earlier. You thought it would be a good to try. Separately I had asked you if you wanted me to wake you up earlier so you could watch a TV show before leaving for the day, you thought that would be a great idea. Since you have been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier our morning and evening routines are going off pretty much without a hitch. You ROCK kiddo!

You are a reader! I think that is CRAZY! But I LIKE IT.

Movie night is still going strong, but now you seem to like to “trick us” by not telling us what the movie is until we are downstairs. You toss it in the dvd player and hit play while we bring down pizza and popcorn. You sit on me for awhile, you sit on daddy for a little while and you dance around the room.

You love the Wii fit. Especially yoga. You’ve got a mean downward dog love. You told your daddy (as you were doing a yoga pose) “maybe if you exercise like me your belly will get smaller and be like mine”. Ain’t that the truth!

We spent 2 hours in the library the other day. You have started picking out your own books and not just having me pick them. You are a graphic novel JUNKIE. Reason # 9,787,435,678,234 why I love you like crazy.

You have been very sharing lately. You make sure that daddy and I always have some of what you are having.

You want to start waking up to your alarm clock. I explained to you that your alarm would be hard to hear since you climb into our bed almost every morning. You told me “maybe we should unplug your alarm clock and use mine instead.” God Help Me.

We have been listening to books on tape on our way to school. We listened to the “My Father’s Dragon” series, you really seemed to like it and now we are listening to Mrs. Pigglewiggle. When we came to the part of the “won’t go to bed” illness you looked at me slyly, giggled and said “I need that cure”. How I don’t eat you is beyond me.

You like to ride underneath the carriage when we go to stores. I keep telling you that you might get hurt, but you don’t believe me. Yesterday you went to Costco with Nannie and she accidently ran over your thumb. Apparently it really hurt. She felt so bad that you got TWO movies out of her. ‘Open Season’ which your daddy is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE. You two have been wanting to see this since we were up in NH over the summer staying in the Adventure Suites and you had your own Playstation in your bedroom. But unfortunately she also got the Family Guy’s Star Wars spoof. She didn’t realize that it was not appropriate for little kids, she just figured it was a cartoon. After I spoke to her she tried to tell you that it was for big people and you said, “no nannie, it’s a cartoon for me”. Can’t wait to break the news to you…I’ll let you know how you react next month.