25 January, 2010

Where the $%&C(NG HELL IS MY MUTHER $%&C(NG BOOKS!!!

So, haven’t posted any book related posts lately huh? There is a reason for this. I keep losing the FRELLING books I am reading. I am not the type of person who reads more than one book at a time. It just doesn’t work for me. I like starting a book, reading it all the way through, and then starting another one.

Since before Christmas (CHRISTmas folks!) I have misplaced the book “Lost” (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA kill me). I finally broke down and read another book, finished it, started another book…and lost that FRELLING piece of shit too! A diskworld novel…So now I have 2 books MIA! I keep trying to pick up another book, but I have a deep fear that I will now lose EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER READ!!!!!!

I did just cash in a gift certificate to Amazon, so hopefully the lure of the new book will call me back…

05 January, 2010

Thematic Photographic 82 - 2009, The Year That Was

Its been a while, but I am jumping into Carmi's theme of the week.
This week its time to reflect on 2009, I think I can do that...

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rock throwing




cooling off

being silly

miles of milestones

baby bro, his best man and his former housemate

growing up

dressing up

saying goodbye

finding the perfect tree
x-mas eve brunch
cookies for Santa
more presents
what? more presents????
Finally - I give you my favorite photo of the year

03 January, 2010

Dear Spotty Chop you were 58 months old yesterday

You have recently started playing peek-a-boo with me again. You cover your face with both hands and say…”where’s the mama? Where is she? THERE SHE IS” and then laughing like a loon.

We had a great December with you. Things were a bit crazed with you being sick for a week, then nannie and papa went away for two weeks and the Christmas holiday. But we managed.

You are back on your music kick. You have picked up your guitar and started playing songs for us again. I missed that. You also seem to spend more time with your eyes closed “listening” to music. Pretty cool I say.

I took you outside late night to play in the first real snowfall. We had such a good time, making a snowman and chasing each other around the yard.

You seem to be veering down the hypochondriac path my son and I must stop it because no one likes folks that always complain. Every time a red mark appears on your body you are freaking out over it. Please pay attention to your mama and how she deals with pain. I am not saying you need to be a martyr, but save the freak out for something freak out worthy.

Christmas this year was so much fun. We got you a Lego Advent calendar which may have been one of the best things we have ever done. I think it was your dad and your favorite part of the day! You were such a delight (and funny.) On Christmas morning you came in to get us around 7:00am. You didn’t want to go see what Santa brought you, you just wanted to play with the toys you got from Grammie and Grumpas. After 20 minutes Boy Toy couldn’t take it anymore. We opened gifts until 2:00pm. You were so happy with what you got. You would open stuff, then decide to play for awhile with what you had opened, then you would open more. This really came in handy since your daddy was so sick that he had to keep going back to bed. You did get re-energized after watching us open our stockings. The last gift you opened was the Wii. We were sooo excited to see your face when you opened it and…you said “I don’t want it! I didn’t ask for it!!!” Oh crap. But then you opened the BAKUGON game and you decided that maybe you did want it after all.

You made cookies for Santa with B-52 and I honestly don’t know which of you had more fun. He really enjoys having this “special” thing that just the two of you do, plus they are cookies, and most importantly, they are for Santa.

You explored the woods behind our house by yourself for the first time while your daddy and I got the log splitter running. I am going to have to get myself off the couch more and bring you out. I loved exploring with my da and I want you to have the same kind of fun.

Favorite things you got for Christmas this year:

Bakugon traps
Ben 10 stuff
Lego boat (that really floats)
Silly String
Mouse Trap

Bakugon (like comic books)
Super Diaper Baby
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot

You got really really upset at the new year, you said you wanted to keep the old one. Unfortunately time marches on. I hope this year turns out even better for you love!