11 September, 2007

Quiet weekend

This weekend was pretty low key. I had to get my hair colored so my dad watched Spotty Chop for me. My mom was working. Spotty LOVES his Papa. They go to the dump together; they play in the tires, watch the machines and unload the trash. Then it’s off to the shirt store so my dad can have his shirts cleaned and pressed. The last stop before heading back to the house is the beer store where they get wine for Nannie and beer for Papa. The girls at the liquor store have a lolly for him; actually I think the shirt store folks have a lolly for him too. Once they get home it’s time to garden, play with the trucks and perhaps a trip to the park. It is so cool to see my dad with Spotty. I mean you expect your parents to love your kid, that’s what grandparents are for. My mom is so smitten that she has turned into the type of grandparent that she has always made fun of, brings out pictures and tells anyone that will listen of his latest adventures. She knows it too and makes fun of herself. But my dad, I think he has surprised himself with how much fun he has with Spotty. My mom thinks it’s because he could never really spend time with us as we grew up. He worked two jobs and went to school nights and was in the army reserve. I don’t remember my dad not being there though. When I think of my childhood all I can remember is how much fun we all had.

I hope Spotty can say the same when he is grown. Boy toy and I have issues (doesn’t everybody?) and I just pray that we don’t somehow taint him with our own crap. God knows he is loved. He is the best thing that ever happened to us. We will just need to keep working at it.
Spotty never wakes boy toy up he always wakes me, so Sunday morning when I woke up at 7:00am, I decided to crawl into Spotty’s bed…OK, actually, boy toy and Spotty were taking up the whole bed and I just wanted to stretch out, in a toddler bed that has a crib mattress, which is kind of sad if you think about it. Spotty whispered “WAKE UP DADA” as they were nose to nose. Boy toy pretended to be annoyed that he actually had to wake up early, but he kept grinning every time Spotty to his hand and said “come on dada”. Spotty kept us hopping with puzzles, trucks and trains in addition to all the help doing dishes, laundry and building. Boy toy spent the day building shelves for our DVD’s and tapes. We bought a new TV and need to get rid of the entertainment center we have. Spotty was a big help. We also took over a 3 hour nap, which was great for me as I haven’t slept for more than 2 hours at a time for weeks. Of course boy toy woke us up by dive bombing us with pillows. Spotty was giggling up a storm. It’s got to be a guy thing.