26 September, 2007

Other people's trash and we suck

Last week boy toy saw some toys that someone was throwing out. We scored a funky Big Wheel like thing and a tricycle that has a long handle. We tried out the tricycle this weekend. Spotty and I loved it. We took a nice long walk around the neighborhood. When Spotty wanted to walk I was able to push the bike without having to bend over or pick it up. As Spotty Chop was “peddling” I had to remind myself to walk slowly so I wouldn’t force him to peddle to fast. I am a fast walker, but the simple pleasure of slowing down and watching my son with a grin as wide as can be as we went through the neighborhood “all by myself”, was the highlight of the weekend.

We finally went to visit boy toy’s parents. We haven’t seen them since June, we suck. I dropped Spotty and boy toy off and then ran to the mall. A new Hanna shop opened up at the Natick mall and I wanted to pick up some stuff at Origins. Funny but they are next to each other in the mall and I saw that as a sign from god that I should shop.

Spotty had a blast chasing the dog around the house, until he drove grammie and grumpy batty. So we went outside where they had an even better time as they had more room and were able to include us in the fun.