23 January, 2015


seems to be my most favorite photo of Spotty Chop. I just can't stop enjoying it. He looks like a 70's hockey player

and no, he doesn't play for Milton - it's a hand me down - but it shure as heck made a few of my cousins giggle (they played lacross)

18 November, 2014

Happy Halloween!

What? Halloween was a month ago? You don’t say?

We got the party started with Moo, Freak Show, Hippy Chick & Cheese Please on our 1,0000000000000 annual pumpkin carve. Freak Show made us the BEST sausage in the world cuz he uses a cast iron skillet.

Spotty Chop had a lot of fun playing with the puppy.

We carved our hearts out

(even if hippy chick abandoned us to take photos on OUR OWN ).

This was Spotty Chop's first all by himself with no help (well, maybe Boy Toy helped cut the top off, that's always the hardest.) - Frankenstein!

This was my favorite - Cheese Please did it

So hippy chick abandoned us, but luckily CIS was there to save the day!

For more adventures of the Cheese-It Sister

But the most fun was watching Moo & Spotty. Moo was feeling super shitty, and yet she allowed “this” to happen.

Hmmm that reminds me of something…but what? 

12 November, 2014

Outlaws at the Providence Bruins

Spotty Chop and his team played during the first intermission at the Providence Bruins last weekend. We had such a blast and Spotty seemed to have fun too. They didn't win, but that wasn't the point. Spotty told us "When I got onto the ice I just stood there and thought WOW." 

Us too kiddo
 he's next to pinky mcpinkerson

 a snickety snack before going down to play

he is on the left...#5

he just passed to #57

01 October, 2014

First Day of School

Hey I'm only a month late. 

Spotty Chop is back to school! He loves his new teacher. He loves having his best friends in class with him. What more can you ask for?

26 September, 2014

Summer on the Cape

My parents rented a house again on the water and invited us down. It wasn’t the whirlwind of activity it was when my godson & sis were here, but that’s ok. We like to just hang out sometimes. But that of course doesn’t mean we didn’t have any adventures…

First there was an Eco tour. We learned all about the horseshoe crab, the Ospreys, the marshes. I actually never knew that there were marshes down the Cape. I also didn’t know there was forest. Spotty Chop had a great time with all of the information they wanted to share.

My God but Spotty has a great time with his Papa.

There was a lot of kite flying, dragon flying, car racing and just having fun to be had

We also frolicked in the water

Papa taught Spotty how to make the perfect omelet

We went kayaking in one of the marshes and yes those are seals. No great whites thank god!

Spotty was of course invited into the neighbor’s hot tub

Had fun in my parents Jacuzzi

And made friends. I saw less of Spotty than I wanted, but he found kids to play with and he had a blast.

We missed my godson & his sister so we had Spotty take a few photos