04 March, 2013

Dear Spotty Chop you are 96 months old today

Happy Birthday! I can’t believe you are 8. I’ve missed a couple of letters…I know shocking, work has been crazy busy and I’ve been traveling to NYC. We had a great day with you today. A VERY full day. You have had a plan in mind for awhile and we stuck to it like glue.

Wake up
Eat pandycakes
Open presents
Go to skating
Go to DQ for a Fanta drink (they have the most awesome drink dispenser -  you chose Fanta Lime)
Go to GameStop purchase games
Head down to Providence
Go to Dave & Buster’s for lunch
Go to movies – see Escape from Planet Earth
Go back to D&B’s
Go home
Open more presents
Eat Ice Cream Cake

Mission accomplished.

This past month you got new glasses, went on skates for the first time (and LOVE IT) and started swimming lessons up again. For the past 3 months you have been crazy for making board games. You do it at your afterschool program, you do it when you are with papa, you do it when you are with us. You just can’t stop. They are usually fun to play (impossible to win…)

I went to your school to read to your class for your birthday. I picked  Weird but True! 4: 300 Outrageous Facts”. You love these books with a passion and  you like reading them to us on our way up (or back) from the White Mountains. It just so happened that your class is doing a section on  non-fiction, which was a very nice cowinkydink.  The kids in your class are a lot of fun. In fact I was in your class twice this past month. I went in the day before Valentines to be a “cashier” during your Valentine shopping spree. I manned the ribbon counter. You guys got to go from station to station purchasing items to decorate your valentine containers. You bought a LOT of ribbons, actually all your friends did, your teacher had to run to resupply me.  I love seeing you with your friends.

We didn’t get to see you at the snowflake ball this year. The bride’s dad passed away and then Jman’s mom was told on Friday afternoon (the ball was Friday night) that there were too many people and they couldn’t go  which would have sucked….well Boy Toy wouldn’t have gone and I would have taken Jman and you, but instead Campbell and Jman went in our place. You and Jman had a blast.

You got to do an overnight with Nannie and Papa during February break– papa takes Friday’s off now, but at 1:00pm he told everyone that it was a Spotty Chop day and he had better things to do. You two are as thick as thieves and I love how much the two of you love each other. Papa has shingles right now so he hasn’t been able to play with you. Let’s hope he gets well soon.

I hope this is a great  year for you!

Love you kiddo!!!!