20 July, 2012

The reality of sleep

19 July, 2012

Spotty Chop is going on an Adventure

Spotty Chop is heading out tonight on his first sleepover (that isn’t my parent’s house). He and Jman are heading off to the YMCA for this summer’s first sleepover. Jman and he have been asking about doing a sleepover together for…forever, but Jman’s family are dealing with some heavy duty medical issues right now and my house looks like I’ve never met a cleaning agent I liked. So they are off! To swim at 9:30 at night and to have a campfire and to stay up all night. Spotty is teetering between excitement and nervousness. Keep your fingers crossed that excitement rules the day and we don’t get a call in the middle of the night to come get him. (and that I don’t burst into tears when I realize that I can’t kiss him right before I go to sleep. Ooops too late!)

06 July, 2012


Did you get a chance to see this? I would say this ranked in the top 3 performances that I have ever seen. Especially starting around the 3:20. I remember the stairs and how my entire body was vibrating to their dance. It was Frelling Magic! Flately had left by the time we were able to get tickets, but we saw him in Lord of the Dance. That was good. Seeing him tap 35 times a second is truly astonishing. But LoD was too...American? Hollywood? it was all glitz and show. Great in its own right, but for me it didn't have the magic of...

I'm not really sure what drove me to find this clip it was kind of like how Underdog got stuck in my head. It just showed up, stayed for lunch, and dinner, and then slept over. I'm glad it did because I think watching people dance is one of the purest expressions of joy that I have ever seen. 

I wish we had see it again.

04 July, 2012

Happy 4th of July

To all the men and women that put themselves in harms way so that I can go camping. Thank you! 

I hope you get home safe!!!

Dear Spotty Chop you are 87 months old today

Today I noticed that for the first time in your life you have freckles on your nose. I had no idea how beautiful a few freckles could be!

We took part in Operation Tadpole. When Boy Toy was getting ready to start the pool he pulled the cover off and you noticed tons of tadpoles. You asked your dad what would happen to them and he replied "they will die when I put the chemicals into the pool". You were a bit upset and told him you didn't want them to die. I found a large (5-10 gallon) bucket and filled it with the swampy water. I gave you a net. Your smile could have broken hearts. You ran around the pool saving as many as you could reach. And you saved a TON! Possibly 85 or so. You were so proud and have enjoyed watching them get bigger.

That's not the only wildlife in our lives...2 days ago you and your father were swimming (around 7 pm) there had been some crazy stormy weather earlier. I was making dinner while you guys swam. When it was done I ran out to get you. The two of you were sitting on the stairs not moving. All of a sudden I saw something moving in the water near you...it was...A DUCK! She slept over and now doesn't seem to want to leave! Jman came over and I thought for sure she would leave with the 2 of you guys cannonballing and pirating....she simply swam around you. We are NOT feeding her because as much fun as it has been having her around. We do not want her to stay. We have a firm rule at our house. NO POOPING IN THE POOOL!

You have started summer camp and seem to be having a lot of fun. But you are a bit annoyed that you haven't done any archery yet. I will ask folks about it when we get back. Annadude is at camp with you and Jman will be starting camp with you when we get back from camping. I am dropping you off later and you seem to be enjoying it. I think you need the extra sleep because we are staying up FAR TOO LATE.

We went to the drive ins to see Madagascar 3. I have never seen the first two so I thought it was cute. You laughed...a lot. We also went to a birthday party at the movies and saw Brave. You said you liked it. you didn't seem to have a problem with the stadium seating (you are usually freaked out because you are "afraid of heights" but with your friends around you were ok.

The other day I can't remember exactly how you said it, but out of the blue you told me that "you are the best mom in the world." SNIIIIFFFF

You have been spending time with Nannie and Papa again, well more Nannie as Papa has been working a lot. But I think everyone is happy that they get to spend more time together. We even went down to RI to visit them on vacation. We did some shopping had some lunch and you picked blueberries.

Finally. My Favorite Brother helped us out with some furniture moving and you got to ride in the Jeep with the top down. YOU LOVED IT!. (he hasn't given me a ride in the Jeep yet...just sayin )

love ya kiddo (but use more sunscreen!)

02 July, 2012

Never under estimate a woman

Wow, just...Wow