02 October, 2007

Coco Key ROCKS!!!!

What a Frelling awesome day we had today. Spotty chop and I went to Coco Key (A FREAKING INDOOR WATERPARK…CAN I GET AN AMEN) with Moo and Cheese Please.

The day started off rough because Spotty did not nap yesterday. He of course fell asleep on our way home around 6:15pm, we were supposed to go to Little Gym, but he was out completely. He woke up when we got home. Speed Racer, Mantha and Auntie D were over. Spotty was freaking out, wanted to go back to sleep, but was so uptight that he couldn’t fall asleep. He fell back asleep FINALLY till 8 or 8:30. Then he was a mess until 9:30 or 10:00 when he finally woke up and had ice cream for dinner. I stayed up with him till 12:45am! (Well we did snuggle on the couch. I was so friggen tired I put the gate up, videos on and drifted. He would snuggle and I would think GREAT we can go to bed and then he would hop of the couch and run around the living room like a madman.)

We woke up today at 9:00am and I got an email from Moo at 4am saying “if you didn’t buy the tickets, lets do another day.” Moo had a crappy night; her body just doesn’t behave itself and causes her a lot of pain. I of course had already bought the tickets. So I sent her an email saying “Spotty and I will go and I will call you if we need to purchase more than 2 tickets. Comments about the water park said you had to buy 4 tickets min. I got discounted tickets because Spotty is under 6, but they let me buy 2. We dilly dallied till 10:30, when I read the crackberry again Moo wrote that they would be ready to go at 10:30. I finally got a hold of her before she left her driveway. ummm I haven’t taken a shower yet and my legs look like a forest. We decided I would call her when I was ready. Which was around 11:30.

When we walked in the girl at the counter actually let Moo and Cheese in for the discounted rate. We got changed and walked in and realized…WE HAD THE WHOLE PLACE TO OURSELVES!!!!!! Do you know what that is like, an entire park to yourselves people? Ok…I lied; there was one other couple there with their 5-6 year old son.

The place is BEAU-TEE-FULL. So clean it hurt to look at it. There is a great kiddy pool with 3 waterslides for the little ones. Spotty really dug it. There are fountains that come out of the ground as well as the deck, giant things that pour water down on you, and things that fill with water and then tip on you. And that is just in the kiddy pool.

You can ride tubes through the lazy river, pull strings to pour water on yourself or others, and pirate coconuts that spit water at you. Then there is the main part of the park. This has a GIANT bucket that fills with water and then rings a bell before it crashes over everything. 3 water slides that I enjoyed, and would be good for kids. Cheese was afraid to go down them for most of the day, but toward the end she decided to face her fears, and found out that she LOVED it. It also had 2 smaller slides for Spotty. There was water splashing, shooting, dripping, spraying from every angle. There were more water fountains in the ground and one of Spotty’s favorite things a giant sluice that had filters, and you could move around, hard to describe but totally cool.

Then there are the 4 waterslides for 48 inches and above. These kicked ASS and Moo was kind enough to watch Spotty so I could enjoy. 2 are body slides and 2 are for tubes. I think they are actually the same thing but one is pitch black and the other you can see light. There is an indoor/outdoor pool with a door you can swim through, but the door was broken. It was heated to perhaps 90 degrees; I hope they keep it open in the winter as we had a great time sitting outside. There was also another pool that was closed where there are activities – basketball, rope climbing etc.

They have food, Spotty and I had a chicken sandwich, fries, drink, hot dog and fries, and it came to $12.25. I thought that was reasonable. They also have cabanas for rent (I think it’s $100) these are rooms with a fridge, TV and places to sit. This would be great if the place was crowded.

I decided that Spotty and I would leave around 4:00. Spotty needed to take a nap. School must have gotten out because right at 4:00 hoards of kids starting showing up. Moo and I had been talking that even if there were 100 people in the park it would still be cool. Well after seeing all of the kids (50ish) we decided that we liked having the place to ourselves best.

I am kind of glad that no one is reading this blog because the place is so FRIGGEN awesome that I want to tell everyone about it, but we liked having the place to ourselves so much that I don’t want anyone to know about it. Spotty and I had such a great time that we will be going back October 29th. So if there are any lurkers out there and you happen to live in Massachusetts….Coco Key is in Danvers, it’s an hour away for us and totally worth it!

BTW if you do go you might want to tell your SO that you are going, and if you forget that, you really should at least remember a camera so you can take pictures, and if you can't do that, don't eat the one and only munchkin that your child decides is yuckie without giving said SO a bite. Not that Boy toy is miffed or anything.