27 February, 2008

SUCK ASS morning!

Spotty Chop and I leave the house at 6:30am so I can get him to daycare, 45 minutes away, and then I drive to the train station 3 min away to catch the 8:00am train so I can get into work by 9:00am. When I get to the train station and go to grab my stuff and hop on the train I notice that my BRIGHT PINK backpack is not with me. I left the frelling thing at home. I have been taking the train for 15 years, this is the first time I have forgotten my bag. So I drive 45 minutes back to my house and there is the bag. I hop on Boy toy’s computer to see when the Franklin trains are running and luckily there is one at 9:08 or something like that. I fly out of the house and go to the train station, about 10-15 min away. I grab my backpack and go looking for my pocketbook so I can get my money for parking and the trip in. The Needham train is several dollars cheaper. No Fin bag. Now I have to go digging through the car and thank god my car isn’t clean, I find some crumpled $1’s and a few quarters. I crackberry a few people in the office until I finally get my boss, everyone else is in NY. I’m cracking him my saga and I say,” I need money to get home”. He says fine. During the hour long trip into Boston I figure I can do some work. The battery on my laptop is drained. The crackberry has stopped synching my calendar, so I have no meetings or notifications of meetings and I miss 2 big ones. I frelling finally get to work and see that my pocketbook is sitting on my desk. At least it was here. The rest of the day has been…A goat rodeo, what I started saying when my dad said “cluster fuck is not professional, come up with something else”. I just want this day to end so I can go home and snuggle with Spotty. Or have ice cream…either would be good right now.

And then I sent facilities this little gem…

26T3 ladies room. The left sink is running again, I don't know who the moron is that can't figure out that the sink doesn't work and keeps washing her hands, especially since the left hand soap dispenser can't be bothered to give you enough soap to wash a gnat. Could someone take the sink away, maybe then the idiots will stop using it. Thanks so much!

I wonder if anyone can tell I am a bit cranky?

25 February, 2008

Our son is a dork

Spotty Chop has really been into playing video games, actually watching us play video games. We are currently playing Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, and there is NOTHING cuter that a 2 year old saying Thievius Raccoonus. Unless it’s a 2 year old cheering his daddy on as he plays; “Come on dada you can do it! Go dada go, Go dada go, you can DO IT dada!!!” Or a 2 year old “reading” the title screen of a new level. “Sly Cooper in THE TIDE OF TERROR…MWAAAHAHAHAHahaaaaaaaaaa. I think he picked up the fiendish laugh from me.

The boy is totally hooked. We played almost the entire weekend. It was a struggle to get him to do anything else. As soon as he would wake up from either his nap or in the morning the first thing he would say is “mama, would you like to play Thievius Raccoonus?” When we just couldn’t take it anymore and we told him we just had to take a break he would very reluctantly do something else. Preferably the Hot Wheel Movie extras, but he would be read to as long as it was from the “big book” A Disney/Pixar thing with stories from all of his favorites. Or he would spin around, and around, insisting that we spin too.

I think it might be in his genes. Boy toy and I were gamers. In fact back in the day, we actually had to buy 2 computers because we were fighting over “game time”. Then we had to position them so we could easily see what each other was doing, in case the other one was doing something cool. After Xmas or birthdays we would literally spend 2 or 3 weeks straight doing nothing but playing, Thief I am looking at you. Ok we would go to work, but that would be the only time we would leave the house. We haven’t done that since Spotty was born. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing. When he was an infant, we didn’t have the TV on much, which turned into Spotty being annoyed when the TV was on, which lead into THE HELL THAT IS DORA. He went through a period where all he wanted to do is watch dora, little einstens, bob the builder, wiggles, mm club. He moved up to movies then he learned about “extras”. I blame Monsters Inc. Damn Pixar knows how to do extras.

So now it’s video games. If this phase lasts long it won’t be so bad, there are a few games I got stuck on and he should be ready to kick ass in no time.

24 February, 2008

Our final day at Disney

It was pouring out when we woke up. We were happy that the weather held off so we could see the shuttle launch, but we were a little bummed because we had another day at the Kingdom paid for. Then we thought, hopefully folks will stay home because of the weather. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA foolish newbies that we were, I think the entire population of FL thought the same thing. It had stopped raining by the time we got to the park, but DAMN was it crowded, that may be typical for a Friday though. I made it my first mission to have the professional photographers take our picture at every opportunity. Disney has come up with a great idea in a photo pass. It’s a card that you carry with you and just give to the photographers. This then allows you to view all of your photos at once and on line. Now if only they could photo shop me less 30 lbs or so…

We started in Adventure Land. Boy toy took Spotty to Buzz while I ran over to Space Mountain. They also did some rocket ship ride that was really high up in the air and the transit authority again. Then we went to the Monster Inc laugh floor. This was funny and Spotty seemed to get a kick out of it, after a few more photos of us in front of the castle we headed to Frontier Land.

My second mission was for Spotty to see Woody. We never saw him the first time around and he was really excited to see him. Apparently Woody did a show in Frontier Land. “Woody’s Roundup”, with Jessie and Bullseye. We grabbed a bite to eat and saw that it was almost time for the show, so we grabbed our tray and took off. We got a great spot and Spotty was shaking he was so excited when he saw them all walking down the street. One of the human dancers asked Spotty if he wanted to come join the show, he could ride a wood horse. Spotty said “YES”, he grabbed his horse and didn’t look back. He was the youngest child they picked and he was having a blast! They also did a few dances including the hokey pokey. I was having the friggen time of my life video taping him, he was so happy and sooooo freakin cute!!!!! I think this was the highlight of the trip for us.
We hit Peter Pan again and then it’s a small world. Boy toy joined us this time and got a kick out of how much fun Spotty seemed to have. We went back to Goofy’s barnstorm and while I stood in line for 30 min Spotty fell asleep. We did a bit of shopping, they have this really cool build Mr. Potato head area, fill a box with a potato and accessories. I just filled it with eyes, hats, feet etc. I can’t wait for Spotty’s birthday. Since Spotty was still asleep, I decided that I would ride the train with him while Boy toy went off to do whatever. Spotty got a good hour plus nap. I got to rest. The breeze was great. Spotty woke up, we went around the park again and then we saw dada looking for us. We got more pictures with Goofy, Donald and Pluto, did Peter Pan again and then the Winnie the Pooh ride, which started off as a 20 min wait and turned into over an hour. That was hell. Spotty and I drove race cars at some point I hate them, but he likes them. We stayed to see the electric light parade. I told boy toy he and Spotty would really like it. They did. I kept thinking that Spotty’s grin couldn’t get any bigger, but it did for this.
Our trip to the airport was uneventful the next day, except we forgot to fill the gas tank. The flight was good, and it was good to get home.

Thanks #3 for picking us up, and actually dropping us off, and fixing my car. You rock.

23 February, 2008

Huston we have liftoff!!!!

So early on in our trip while we were hanging out and watching TV, boy toy picked up on the fact that there was going to be a shuttle launch during our stay. OH MY GOD. I was trying not to make a big deal out of it, but boy toy seemed to get it into his head that our vacation would not be complete if we missed this. One of our books had a number that you can call to get up to date info on the launch and we called to find out what time the launch was. Lucky for us it was an afternoon launch so we planed a day of it.

On Thursday one of the news stations had a running ticker on what was going on. We were concerned with the weather and before we left the news was reporting a 70% chance that the launch would be postponed. We decided what the hell, there was a wildlife park over by the space center we could always do that if the mission was scrubbed. Did I mention that we brought my TomTom? God I love that thing!!! We ended up at the Astronaut Memorial Plaza in Titusville. There were hundreds of people there. It was right on the water across from Cape Canaveral. Boy toy held down the fort while Spotty and I went to play. I had stuffed a bunch of cars into our backpack and we were looking for a place to drive them. One little girl came over and wanted to play so we gave her a car. You would have thought I was giving away Crack. We suddenly were surrounded by kids all wanting cars and to play. I was a hero to several moms.

And then…it started, they pipe in what’s going on at the control tower and they said “we are a GO” the crowd cheered. You could literally feel the excitement, and when the count down began it was so quiet and then, you heard it. DAMN it is loud and beautiful and awe inspiring. Seeing it on TV just isn’t the same. It is magical. I hope to god I get to see it again. When it was over we spent some time roaming around the park. I spent money to have an envelope postmarked with Cape Canaveral and the date and a Yoda stamp. I am a dork what can I say.

It was mid-afternoon, so we decided to go to the wildlife preserve. They have a driving tour that lets you see what Florida used to look like. Every couple of hundred feet you would see a car or cars pulled over with people taking photographs. We saw tons of birds. They also had areas where you could get out and walk to observatory stations that were equipped with binoculars. Spotty just loved the chance to run around. We spent a good 2 hours meandering about. It was getting dark when we left and Boy toy spotted an enormous alligator, it had to have been about 8 feet not including the tail, and it was about 10 feet from the car, just sat there looking at us. Pretty damn cool if I do say so.

22 February, 2008

Movie Reviews by Spotty Chop

I was reading Pajiba when Spotty came over to me and asked "what you doing". When I explained that I was reading about movies he indicated that he wanted to talk about movies. This is what followed

Hot Wheel Movie
Like race cars
Don’t like monsters

Toy Story
Like Woody
Dislike Rex

Elmo in Grouchland
Like Elmo
Dislike Oscar

Bugs Life
Likes Princess Atta
Dislikes Hopper

Peter Pan
Likes Peter
Dislikes Capt Hook

Likes Lightning McQueen
Dislikes Red

Monsters Inc.
Likes Sully
Dislike Mike Wazowski

We were laying on the floor and talking almost in whispers, and when i started to type this stuff down so I wouldn't forget, he would say "mama, come back down here, I am talking to you". I did try to ask about Finding Nemo, but he said "not yet mama, Monsters". Then I looked at the clock and realised I had to get his ass to bed.

21 February, 2008

Disney with a toddler

We decided to just go to Magic Kingdom, and to go for two days. One day would have been enough, but you really need to get there when the park opens and stay until it closes. The 2nd day was really for boy toy and me. We parked in Pluto and hopped on the tram. Bough our tickets and got giant pins. A first time one for Spotty, and boy toy and I got the “invincible family” ,and headed for the monorail. Spotty really liked the trip and being able to see everything from so high. When we walked into park proper his eyes couldn’t get any bigger. We hopped on the train and made our way to Mickey’s Toontown fair. You could see Spotty getting more and more excited. The first thing we saw was a small playing area where kids could climb on and slide down things. Spotty spent some time here and then dada and he went on Goofy’s Barnstorm, a rollercoaster, Spotty loved it. I got a turn with him and then we went to see some characters. Timmy was so excited to say hi to Donald and Pluto that he wanted to go say hi to Mickey right away. So we stood in line for that. We went on the Winnie the Pooh ride that was really cute; bright colors and enough movement to make it fun, and then went on the carousel; one of my favorites. Boy toy and Spotty went on the mad Teacups and I got a fast pass for the Peter Pan ride.

We grabbed some popcorn and hot dogs, had a quick bite and then were off to the jungle cruise. When we got in line it started to rain. Boy toy took one of the rain coats we got at Sea World and put it over the stroller which was a perfect use for it. The jungle cruise was the right ride at the right time; we were under a roof and we were on the water. Spotty loved pointing out everything to us. Our next stop was the Pirates of the Caribbean. I though this would be a big hit; but I was wrong. I think in part, it was due to Spotty being tired and needing a nap, but he was frightened and spent the ride snuggling with me. For the rest of our time at the park (both days) Spotty wanted constant reassurance that we wouldn’t be riding that “pirate ride”.
We timed things well so that we were able to get a good spot for the parade. Boy toy had never seen it and really wanted to. It was worth it. Spotty was waving at everyone with a huge grin plastered on his face. One the parade was done Spotty and I drove race cars and then ran over to ride Peter Pan. This was another crowd pleaser, and my very favorite ride. Boy toy refused to go on it’s a small world, but Spotty really liked it. He wanted to know where the kids were from and what they were doing. Then came the Buzz Lightyear marathon. We hit this 3 or 3 times in a row each time as much fun as the first. Spotty really got a kick out of spinning up around. We managed to go to the Transit Authority and then hit the streets to see the fireworks. Boy toy was really happy to see them, he had always wanted to. Spotty seemed to be more excited to see the castle changing colors. Who can blame him? When we got home we had ice cream and pretzels for dinner. Does it get any better than this?

20 February, 2008

Book Review – Carpe Demon

Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom
I picked this up because I decided I needed to read some fluff. Honestly doesn’t the title fill you with visions of stupidity? I hate to say it, but I was disappointed. This book was a great read. I was sorry to have it end. And that does not qualify it for fluff.

Kate Connor used to be a demon hunter, now she is a stay at home mom with 2 kids. Her kids do not know about her past and neither does her current husband; and she had no plans on telling them. But her husband asks her to host a last minute dinner party for judges, lawyers and others that might help him on his campaign. As she is pulling it together, a demon (hidden in a human body) crashes through the picture window in the kitchen and tries to kill her, forcing her to kill it and then hide it in the pantry behind the kitty litter. She had rigatoni to make, she has priorities.

Kate is slowly forced back into her old life as a Hunter. The Vatican can’t help, they are low on hunters. She hasn’t kept up with her training and she is volunteering at the school, church and wherever extra hands were needed. How the hell is she supposed to find out what the Demon Lord is looking for?

This isn’t the Iliad, but it is a fun read. She makes mistakes, some big ones, but still manages to be the best mom she can be….and she kicks demon ass…gives us old and decrepit mom’s a good name.
And did you guess? It’s a series

19 February, 2008

Green Meadows Petting Farm or What do you do when you disagree on your child

When we were planning our vacation, we knew we would not be spending every day at the parks. Spotty is 2, we thought it would be overload. I had read good things about this farm and I will admit, this may have been one of the best things we did. It was close to where we were staying, and they suggest packing a picnic lunch as there are no food options at the farm. The farm has a continuous tour so once you get to the animal you started with your tour is over.

As soon as we pulled in Spotty saw the old fire truck and dozens of tractors that were just begging to be climbed on. We picked up a little red wagon and headed over to the hay ride. There is something about a hay ride that is so simple and yet so fun. We then learned about turkeys, pigs, horses, donkeys and sheep. We got to feed a bunch of the animals, but some of the most fun came from the great chicken chase. The kids were encouraged to pick up a chicken. Spotty was all over this. He had no fear and did a really good job picking up chickens. We went on a pony ride. Spotty seemed very proud of himself. Next on our tour was a train ride. It was nice to get off our feet for a few minutes. After the train ride Spotty got a chance to milk a cow. He seemed pretty impressed, but liked playing with the calf more. We learned about the water buffalo (apparently the mozzarella sticks that Spotty loves? It comes from the milk of these big guys. And then we went to where they had baby chickens and ducks, we all sat in a circle and got to hold a baby chic which was warm fuzzy goodness.
Now here is where the disagreement comes in. All Spotty wanted to do was play on the fire engine and tractors, I kept telling him that we could do that as soon as we saw all of the animals. Spotty kept asking and I kept telling him. He wasn’t whining or being bratty, he was just saying that he really wanted to play on these things. By the time we got to the baby fowl Spotty wanted to run around. Boy toy was getting annoyed because he was not sitting and listening. He got all pissy and said that our son was undisciplined and he was tired of everyone staring at us because our son could not behave like all the other kids. He said he was hungry and went to the car to grab our lunch. Of course I am like “fuck you”, our son in not undisciplined just because he wants to run around. He was not being disruptive, he was not making people uncomfortable, he was being a 2 almost 3 year old boy that has lots of energy. Was he the only child running around? Yes. But the majority of the kids in the group were girls, they tend to sit and listen better at this age. There were boys in the group, several older and a few younger. Our boy has energy and needs to move. It is what it is. Spotty then got a chance to pick up a duck, and since he was so successful in chicken chasing, he got in there and got down to business. He had everyone around laughing their asses off because he picked up the biggest duck in there. The damn thing was bigger than he was, and damn was he proud. Boy toy missed it; he is soo friggen lucky that I taped it. He also missed the girl who kept getting yelled at because she was in the duck’s pen playing with their food. We got to pat and feed goats (where boy toy missed 3 kids getting yelled at because they would not get out of the goat’s sleeping place). We saw some lamas and then the tour was done. Spotty and I went over to the picnic area and had some lunch with boy toy and played with one of the puppies that was running around (there were 16 dogs on the farm.) Finally we made it over to the fire truck, tractors and playground. Boy toy and Spotty spent a good 2 hours climbing on, in. over and around everything there was. Then it was time for home. Spotty fell asleep on the way back to the condo. Boy toy and I sat on the porch and had a little talk about what was going on. We agreed we would try to be less pissy. We will see if it works.

18 February, 2008

Spotty Chop is a thrill junkie

We went to Sea World and had a blast. We got there early for us and were in time for the sea lion show. That was really fun. Spotty really wanted to see penguins so we did. Swimming, eating, crapping, a good time was had by all. We then took a quick run over to Kracken. I rode it while Boy toy watched Spotty. What a blast! This was my first time on a coaster with no floor. I was sitting next to a very large Asian dude and if my restraint broke I would have still been pined to my seat by his gargantuan elbow. This thing was so fast, it turned and swooped and had us upside down and every which way. I could have easily ridden it all day. I then made boy toy go on journey to Atlantis. He seemed to enjoy it (he would have liked Kracken more). Then we headed to the kid area. First Spotty and I climbed on the giant climbing structure, mainly nets very high up in the air. Spotty was scared, can’t blame him, but the only way out was to keep climbing and get to the tunnels that lead you to the stairs. When we got to the tunnels Spotty wanted “to carry me”, I convinced him to walk while I crawled and to hold onto me. He chose to hold onto my neck. Needless to say it took us awhile to get down. We then jumped into the crazy fish, or flying flounder, it was one of those T cup rides that spin. I hate them, they make me nauseous. Guess who LOVES them? SW has a really cute splash area so we changed Spotty and let him loose. He had a blast. Boy toy went off to Wild Arctic and Spotty and I played on a pirate ship. When boy toy came back it was time to get in line for Shamu’s show. We managed to get down in front and bough rain coats as we were in the splash zone. We never got wet, a big disappointment for boy toy. The show was incredible. Killer whales rock. To see them swimming so fast and with their human partners makes you wonder why you didn’t take that route yourself. I mean to do something so cool for a job and to love it, really makes you kind of sad that your job, when you think about it, sucks.

We went back to the kiddy zone and rode on a carousel. Spotty loved it, which was nice, because the last time we were on one he was scared. We took some “required photos, then Boy toy and Spotty went on another spinny in the air ride. Then Spotty dragged dad on the Shamu express; a roller coaster and not just a tiny thing. This had inclines and twists and speed.
We have created a monster. Spotty LOVED it. So much that as soon as they got off Spotty was saying “again, again, again!!!! So I went with him. While we were in line I told Boy toy to buy whatever photo they took tat whatever price to mark the occasion. Spotty and I were ready to go on the next ride, but Spotty decided he had to be in the very front row. It must be in the genes. We were very lucky that SW wasn’t too crowded. Spotty did not make the height requirement of 42 inches. I hope Disney lets us slide as well…We saw sharks and that almost lead to a breakdown because Spotty wanted to find Bruce from Finding Nemo. We also saw dolphins, otters, seals and white birds that was everywhere and was not part of any attraction. Apparently they come to steal the fish. Spotty finally fell asleep. Boy toy and I were on our way to ride more rides by ourselves. But we ended up getting into a “discussion instead”. So we went home.

16 February, 2008

Florida with an almost 3 year old

The Delta lounge in Boston has a great kids space. Lots of soft climbing structures. Spotty had a blast climbing on and over everything with all the other kids. Our flight was slightly delayed and I made the mistake of not checking the departure board. We went to what I thought was the gate, turns out the gate changed and we had to run as we were departing in 10 min. Luckily we only had 3 backpacks and Spotty in a stroller, and a hot coffee, and an open cup of chocolate milk…We made it., and were even able to get organized before we boarded.

The CARES seatbelt kicks ASS. If we had to lug a car seat through the airport we would have never made it. Spotty fell asleep soon after take off. Keeping him up was a great plan. I got to read for almost 2 hours. Boy toy played video games. Spotty woke up and needed to snuggle. Getting our rental car was a nightmare. The line was crazy and it took forever. The portable DVD player came in handy here. I wish Boy toy was a better traveler, but he really is a pain in the ass. His ears started bothering him, which turned him into a prick. We finally got to our place around 9 pm., grabbed some burgers and fries and settled in. It is a great location. Same exit as Magic Kingdom, a few exists away from Sea World. The place has a screened in porch, full kitchen, 1 bedroom, but a Murphy bed in the living room and a pull out couch. It’s the bathroom that got me. A GIANT whirlpool tub and a walk-in steam shower. I think I’m in love.

Our first morning Spotty and I walked around. We visited the pool, the playground and the lake. Spotty and I grabbed a paddle boat and took a spin around the lake. It was so peaceful. Spotty loved being out, and playing with the water.

I went food shopping at Publix. What a zoo, apparently everyone and their brother was shopping as well. I think I bought a bit too much, as boy toy said when I walked in “we are only here for a week, not a month.”

Spotty is addicted to TV right now so we watched some Backyardagains, read books, played cars and then took a nap. After Spotty and I woke up I took a steam shower. OH MY GOD. I AM IN LOVE. I thought I was going to pass out it was so hot; then a refreshingly cold shower. What a treat. Spotty, boy toy and I then went swimming and went on another paddleboat ride. Spotty and I enjoyed the enormous tub and then it was time for night nights.

15 February, 2008

Where you been Chumley?

We got back from a fantabulous vacation last Saturday, which I will speak of more, but before I could start writing down what a kick ass time we had, we caught the stomach bug of DOOOOOM. Spotty started throwing up at midnight, and proceeded to toss his cookies every 10 minutes until 5am. He was such a good kid, so pleasant even though he must have been feeling so crappy what with the dry heaves and all. “Dada, can you clean the yukies up in your bed for me? Mama, thank you for getting me juice so the yuckies will go away, when my tummy feels bad I get dirt in my mouth, I don’t like dirt in my mouth.” Then he was sick every 20 min, 30 min. When it started dwindling from one end, it started coming out the other. At one point I woke up and was like “why am I wet….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. The amount of laundry we went through is staggering. Thank god I was up every 10 min because I was washing crap like there was no tomorrow.

It didn’t help that Boy toy had a project where he had to work nights starting on Monday, so he was trying to change his sleep pattern. Boy toy’s operation mgr is being….challenging (hate him hate him, wouldn’t want to date him). So I work from home Monday, because Spotty is still throwing up. Monday night I got the bug and it was just UGLY, so I worked from home on Tuesday. Boy toy caught the bug Tuesday and was tossing his cookies and couldn’t make it into work that night. Wednesday there was a storm and Spotty’s daycare was delayed opening until 10:00am, well, with the train schedule and the fact that I still felt like ass, and Spotty still had the runs and…I worked from home on Wednesday. I planned on taking Thursday off because that is when I normally work from home, but we are only allowed to work from home one day a week and I think I used up my quota. Unfortunately, there was a major release going on, and other people were sick, and my boss called me at 5:40pm Wed night and asked if I could get him a file together for Thursday am…ok how about noon. It was the worst file I have ever pulled together. It couldn’t have been worse if I tried, and I couldn’t breathe, and I pulled a mussel in my neck by coughing so much because the stomach bug from hell has turned into the coughing up body parts illness. So I worked from home on Thursday too. Poor Spotty just wanted my attention, and I had so much to friggen do.

Today I am at work, and Spotty is at daycare. I think we are kind of on the mend.

02 February, 2008

Let's go

Last night Spotty fell asleep on the way back from my parent’s house. It was only 8PM, but he didn’t nap. When I got to the house I put him on our bed to try and keep him asleep. An hour or two later, I went to check on him. What can I say; I love to look at him while he is sleeping. Hell I just love to look at him. I think he is the most beautiful child in the world.

Boy toy came and found me watching our boy so he went to lie next to him on the bed. I climbed on the other side of Spotty. Boy toy started giving him kisses. When I gave Spotty a kiss he reached up with his right hand and entwined it in my hair. I gave Spotty another kiss. Boy toy moved his head so that his hair was rubbing Spotty’s left hand. His hand never moves. Boy toy tries harder to get Spotty to grab his hair. I move my head so that my hair escapes from Spotty’s hand. His hand starts stretching towards me to grab at my hair. I start to laugh, Boy toy keeps trying. Spotty at one point rolls away from Spotty and grabs my hair with his other hand. This went on for about 15 minutes. I end up laughing so hard that I nearly wet myself. Thank God Spotty stayed asleep. Of course, this morning, Spotty threw a fit when I tried to get him out of bed. “Noooooooooo, I want to snuggle dada”. I guess dada has to win one every once and awhile.

Tomorrow we are off to Florida for a week’s vacation. I can not wait, Boy toy can not wait. It has been a rough week. My mom fell last Saturday and wouldn’t go see a doctor right away. I tried to persuade her, but she wasn’t in “that much pain”. I called the next morning and talked to my dad. She still wouldn’t go to the hospital. We commiserated on her stupidity. Around 7:30 that night she called, they were looking for a pharmacy that was open so she could get some pain medication. She finally did go to the hospital and apparently broke her ankle. Two doctors think she needs surgery, but she saw a Specialist on Monday and he says her ankle is in perfect alignment and may not need surgery if it stays the way it is. She has a cast that she can not walk on and uses some kind of scooter thing to get around. What is wrong with Parents? Boy toy’s job has been getting him so down. He doesn’t get along with 2 guys at work who happen to be buddy buddy with Boy Toy’s boss. There is all sorts of negativity going on. If I were boy toy I would have gone on a slapping frenzy long ago. My kidney stones are considering a road trip…

Needless to say, we just need to go get warm for a few days. I hope Spotty has fun.