26 October, 2012

Is everyone over the Binders full of Women?

I'm not. These Tumblr thingys   make me laugh and laugh. Some things just don't get old to me.

 Here are a few of my favorites. I have no idea how Tumblr works. I had no idea what a meme was (but yes you will be seeing some of my favorite text from Hillary....why the hell didn't I know about this...) The internext is sooo cool!

My Very Favorite? I just can't stop giggling

18 October, 2012

Dear Spotty Chop you were 89 months old...2 weeks ago?

I know I said I wasn't going to obsess over these letters any more. In my defense I was hit with the barf bug, and then....we were doing stuff, and I was writing about it...

Let's see, we visited Grammie and Grumpa. Something we had not done in...months. I have told Boy Toy that he needs to initiate contact with his folks, I can't do everything. Anyhoo, Grammie wanted a photo of you so she could bring it to work and show all your old preschool teachers. Then she wanted a picture of you and Grumpa. You have only known Grumpa as being in a wheel chair and not speaking which is too bad. He has a hard time communicating (and even back in the day, he would communicate by telling you to get the hell out of the way of the TV ...whatever sport of the day he was watching.) You were standing next to his wheelchair when you suddenly got a glimmer in your eyes. You casually put your arm behind Grumpa to give him "bunny ears", and he caught you. You laughed so frelling hard, the two of you went back and forth for 15-20 mins, you laughing like a loon and Grumpa with one of the biggest grins I have seen. It was probably the best interaction you two have ever had. 

Soccer has started up again. You would rather be playing video games which i totally get. And I explained to you that you would be playing a team sport so deal. You have so much fun when you are there and after the game or practice you say how much you love it. But the next week it is the same argument. I wish you knew why you act like you do before we go. I've asked, and you don't know. All I can tell you is I love you.

We had a fun week where Jman's mom dropped him off at our house every morning so i could drive the two of you to school and she could get to her meetings on time. The two of you had so much fun together.

You loved the wedding up in New Hampshire and you were such a gentleman leaving the cabins with wood stoves for my cousins who just had babies or had no idea how do deal with the woods. But the best part of the weekend? Being able to show Nannie and Papa FransTed!

When I sent this photo to Moo (insisting that I needed her on the phone and sitting down) her reaction was everything I could ever hope for. I love that you only know Nannie as the wonderful loving Nannie that you know and not the MOTHER that Moo and I dealt with.  Nannie thought that when we camped it was like an African refuge camp. She is crazy...CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU..as am I 

love ya kiddo

16 October, 2012

Thematic Photographic 217 - Drink up

Carmi has a new photo theme up and I wanna play. This weeks theme is "Drink Up"  a celebration of any form of consumable liquid. 

Carmi has a beaut of a shot and if you like cool photos you should go here here and drink up the fun!

I actually didn't think I would be able to play, I didn't think I took any shots of consumable liquid recently, but low and behold.

During one of our camping trips this year Spotty Chop made me something to drink. I'm partial to Crystal Light's Ice Tea. You may notice that not all of the ice tea made it into the jug, but having my favorite child make it for me? Well, as you can guess it was the sweetest tea I had ever tasted.

Again, camping, this year (that I have yet to post photos of). We went to Whale's tale. We reserved a cabana due to the fact that when I mention the word S.U.N. I come up with a 2nd degree burn. This however was just some mosquito netting, not exactly what I was thinking of. As luck would have it, there was no sun that day. Except for the sun we brought for Spotty. His drink of choice if available. You can also see the beverage that keeps boy toy running. It in fact keeps America running. That's right Duncan Donuts ice coffee.

The ice coffee container is an ever present part of our lives. And sometimes in the lives of others. Cheese Please would always know we had been around if she spied it in the trash. Sometimes boy toy would purposely not toss it out so she would know he was thinking of her.

Some people can also be  beastly DOOOOSH BAGs if they have no caffeine...just sayin 

15 October, 2012

Get your motor runnin'

Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
                                                         And whatever comes our way

Yah Darlin' go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space...

I like smoke and lightning
Heavy metal thunder
Racin' with the wind...

Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never wanna die

                                                                    Born to be wild
                                                                    Born to be wild

08 October, 2012

Where the hell are the Apples?

This past weekend we had our annual apple pickingpalooza. The usual people were there:

Moo – bossy as ever

Hippy Chick – I may need to change her name to kodachrome

Freak Show – need I say more?

CR – he can leap tall trees in a single bound

Cheese Please – who did her best not to khill me when I was describing the last episode of Avatar that we saw

My boys –

The trees at Honey Pot seem to be VERY picked over. Not that it stopped us from getting perfect apples.

One of Spotty’s favorite things to do when he is here are the mazes and this year Honey pot unveiled a new one “The green monster”.   When we got to the green monster it was about 4:30pm and the sky had turned from blue to black. After Spotty and Boy Toy went through Moo overheard the attendant say “I know what time it is, but I just didn’t want to say no.” Apparently the big maze is supposed to close at 4pm. Spotty would have been so disappointed if he couldn't go through it. I love running across teenagers in jobs where they have the ability to help kids out or toe the company line. Sometimes it’s at arcades where someone will give the kid a prize they really want, even if they don’t have enough tickets. Sometimes it’s at a place like this where perhaps they recall what it was like to be a kid.   I always think “thank God there is hope for humanity.”  

There was also (we think) an air show going on. We got to see some pretty cool planes.

Once the apples were picked and the mazes were mazed we headed back to Moo clans fortress of dorkitude. Where they fed us great food, and let Spotty entertain them with his death defying circus act (that I took no photos of whatsoever…I think I hate my camera). Moo and Spotty went on a nighttime hunt of things to put on pizza, like Basil, chives, peppers and…strawberries. We were also sent home with cans of LOVE. Peach marinade and peach preserves, and PEAR STUFF!!!! Moo makes this pear sweet liquid gold that this time is actually a jelly and I bet is just as good as the liquid gold although Moo doesn’t think so. There were a bunch of other canned goods that I will have to take a look at. My brain stopped working after I saw I got a jar of PEAR GODness.

So Moo said we complained about the trees last time we went, and that may possibly be true as last year’s trip seemed to be the same weekend as this year’s trip. So apparently we need to go apple picking in September…perhaps before labor day? Which to me seems like an abomination…I guess we will have to see. We did get pears this time and approximately 20 bags of donuts. Spotty has decided that he likes them, but not the sugar ones (whose son is he?) As long as there are apples in September (Moo also says that we used to do the apple picking in September, but I do not believe her, I can find no September evidence) and the Moo clan we will be fine.