14 September, 2007

Bridal Shower of Doom

Tomorrow is the BRIDAL SHOWER OF DOOOOOMMmmmmm…..my girlfriend in a moment of insanity asked me to be her maid of honor. I being the dork I am was so touched that I said yes. Did I mention that I have NEVER been in a wedding party? I have managed for almost 4 decades to avoid this, I have cheerfully listened to my friends whine and complain about Bridezilla, Hideous dresses, out of control MIL’s or Moms while snickering inside. “dumbasses”.

Now I am the dumbass, but you know, it’s not so bad. The Bride is one of the nicest people I know, she truly would bend over backwards to help you, and she is not a doormat. The other girls in the party are lots of fun. There is an Asia theme to the shower and we are going out for Dim Sum. I invited almost 80 and thankfully only 25 have accepted.

The MIL is making the centerpieces. The Bride’s mom has been dealing with her mom (mid ninety’s) who is not doing well, but she has been checking in with me to see if she can help and tossed some money in to help defray the cost that her grand daughter just can’t afford. Her sister is making funny fortunes to go in the centerpieces; making sure that I ask for all the money I am entitled to, and keeps thinking of items to add (stamps, you shouldn’t have to pay for all that postage). One of her work friends is in charge of coming up with “games” to play. The Bride wants games and we are all asking each other, “who is this person and what has she done with the Bride?”. The Bride’s daughter is making the cake (as well as our jewelry for the wedding). I put the favors together, and the gift. Unfortunately one of the girls mom is really really sick. I hope she shows up tomorrow.

I hope everything goes well; I have been really uptight because I want this to be a great party for my friend. Keep your fingers crossed.