26 February, 2013

Looking Good Spotty Chop

New things are happening all over for you!

25 February, 2013

Holy Sheep Shit Spotty Chop...what are you doing?

Yesterday Spotty Chop  got on skates for the very first time. They sent something home from school about signups and he decided he wanted to try it.

God it was hard to watch in the beginning, he kept falling, but much to my surprise, he kept getting up. Spotty Chop's usual response to something that is hard to do is to quit. He doesn't quit forever, but he usually needs to walk away. He never seemed to get frustrated with this. He just kept getting up and moving forward, often by himself, without a coach around. He hooked up with a young guy who focused on him and must have encouraged the hell out of him because by the time the class ended, he was kicking a ball around the ice.

His class was at 10. At 2:30 Boy Toy says "Hey bud there is a free skate do you want to go"? Never expecting him to want to. "Hell yes" yelled Spotty Chop. By the end of the free skate Spotty was skating around the rink. He is still obviously a beginner, but WTF? I don't remember skating being that easy to learn...He BEST NOT want to play HOCKEY.

14 February, 2013


A coworker sent this to me today. She thought I would appreciate