28 September, 2012

someecards.com ROCKS

Do you frequent someecards.com? Did you know they aren't just for Birthdays? They are perfect for when someone at work has pissed you off. When the Asshattery in your life is just more than you can take. I have a collection of these in my PC. When I am feeling blue/homicidal/sad/you name it. I open these bad boys up and then I laugh! Sometimes I snort, and very often I giggle. 

Here are some of my current favorites. The beautiful thing about someecards is that there are always new ones appearing, you just never get board.

So send them to your friends, your enemies, but most important...send them to yourself. You deserve it!


24 September, 2012

The Ogontz White Mountain Camp and Event Center or OH MY FUCKING GOD I WAS AT THE BEST WEDDING EVER!

My Cousin B got married over the weekend. The affair was held at the Ongontz campground. We had possibly the best time we have ever had at a wedding. Ogontz is located up in the white mountains where, as some of you know, Boy Toy, Spotty Chop and I spend a good amount of time in.

We spent the entire weekend up there. Check in was at the Ogontz post office. We received our billet as well as a very cute “package” that was filled with snacks, bug spray etc. We drove up to our cabin, actually we had our choice of 3 cabins, 2 of the cabins had wood stoves and Spotty really wanted to stay in one of them. But when we explained that 1 of my cousins (G) was coming with her brand new baby (O)  and they would need heat, and that her sisters were also coming up and they have never been outdoors before and would also need heat. Spotty agreed “we are used to camping and don’t need heat”. He was very careful of the baby during the weekend. When we showed GE&O the way to the cabins (in the pitch dark it would have been almost impossible to find it.) Spotty kept turning around and saying “DAD SLOW DOWN!!! THEY HAVE A BABY AND CAN’T DRIVE FAST!!!” He would also do very goofy things to make the baby smile

Spotty also taught some of my cousins how to play zombie dice and cosmic wimpout. They knew how to play LCR (but had never played without money!)

Back to where we were sleeping. They had several different levels of accommodations. There were  ADIRONDACK CABINS, with open sides and roll down flaps, STABLES, old stables with basically a bed and a curtain on the stall door, LOG CABINS, that had a private bathroom (tub with hand held, or when trying to wash long hair, feet held shower spray). I opted for this. As much fun as the Adirondack cabins would be, for a wedding I need a place to put my fancy duds.

Oh and what is Spotty Looking at?

Friday night there was pizza and a bonfire. Saturday there was Yoga with the bride and groom (at 9am, we decided to read) brunch was at the boat house.

There was canoeing,  kayaking, all sorts of lawn games. We decided to hike

And then there was the wedding

(Papa & Spotty)

The reception  was beautifully decorated. They brought in branches and trees to make it truly look like an indoor forest. the food was sooo good! The music was fantastic, the groom unbeknownst to me, has a phenomenal voice! Good food, great people, fantastic music and a beautiful setting. What more can you ask for?

19 September, 2012

Dear Spotty Chop you were 88 months old a few weeks ago

I've missed a couple of these and I feel like a dumass. Because at some point I want you to read these. Sometimes I try a little too hard and then can’t remember anything we did or you did. So from now on even if I can’t remember the cute things you said or did for one month I am going to still publish a letter. It might just say “I love you”, but in all honesty that’s all this is for anyways.

So end of the summer for you kiddo. I feel like we did nothing. We only made it to the drive ins once! ONCE!!! We never made it back to Breezy Waterslides or Canobie Lake park. We did swim a lot. We went to Waterfire and had an EPIC light saber battle. You went to camp at the Y. Jman and Annidude were at camp as well, and you three seemed to have a fantastic time. Thank GOD!!! As you were pretty stressed out about the start of the school year. This is the first year that Jman, Annidude and you are all in separate classes. Boy Toy and I had been trying to comfort you & let you know that everything was gonna be all right. But you did not believe. On the first day of school you had a bit of a nervous breakdown. It kills me when I can’t make things better for you. Finally you said “I guess I better get dressed” and you stood up. Here comes the weird part. You had chosen a Hawaiian shirt to wear for the first day (prettiest shirt I have EVER seen), and as you put your first arm in I could visibly see you relax. By the time the shirt was buttoned you were laughing and saying that you couldn't wait to get into school. IT BLEW MY MIND. It was as if the shirt was your armor with a +75 confidence booster. You did ask if I would walk you up to your class line so I did. I saw your teacher…she is VERY pretty and she immediately came over to you to say hi and ask how your summer was. You then proceeded to forget that I existed. I went back home to work, and had a crappy day worrying about your day. I knew you would be ok, but I wanted you to be happy. When I went to pick you up at the end of the day you were bouncing you were so happy. “I’m gonna learn MORE MATH!!!” you yelled to me. More math indeed!

You let me do trot trot to Boston to you when I am sad “I know how much you love doing this and it will make you happy”. What you don’t realize  yet is that it makes me happy just hearing you laugh. But I will trot trot the HELL out of you for as long as I can.

You and your dad went to the movies the night before school to see “diary of a wimpy kid 3”. I stayed home. I HATE that series. The main character is such a little shit that my head explodes. You had a great time. You and your father seem to think that I HAVE NO IDEA that you are using bad words together…YOUR MOTHER KNOWS EVERYTHING…

Pattapon is your video game of choice lately. All 3 have been in very heavy rotation. You are also playing on the computer a LOT.  Netflix streaming is your new best friend. You are watching Di-Gata Defenders. Sci fi/fantasy (go figure). You seem to be over your Power Rangers kick.  You are HUGE, you no longer fit under my chin. Oh and you are 2 sizes away from my shoe size…it may soon be time to purchase you a pair of high tops…just sayin

I love you kiddo! And I will try to do a little better at posting…but I’ve been busy…YOU KNOW why…