24 April, 2013

My baby is growing up

Last night Spotty Chop made us dinner. Things were a bit hectic and when we were trying to think of something to have for dinner I suggested Boboli pizza. Spotty put his hand it the air. "WAIT! I will make you guys dinner!" Sounded good to us, when we went into the kitchen I started grabbing stuff and Spotty said "get out! I don't want you in the kitchen". So we left. He asked Boy Toy's help with putting stuff into the oven. 

He made us Pizza folds. Spotty folded the Boboli in half, filled it with sauce and cheese and baked it. They flipped it at one point. He then cut it and served it UP!

Spotty was soooo freakin proud of himself. It was adorable. When we were done he said, "I am happy to make you this whenever you want. You just let me know".

I could EAT HIM he is so delicious 

16 April, 2013

Thank God for my Parents

It's school vacation here in the Northeast  and I seriously don’t know how people do shit without their parents nearby. I am in a hellish week with work, trying to come up with functional specs for an extremely large project I have lucked upon. Which means that I really can’t take any time off to spend with Spotty Chop. Boy Toy FINALLY has a job again (6 months) so obviously he can’t take time off either. The YMCA offers camp, but Spotty Chop doesn't care for their “school vacations” that they hold at the Y. He can’t pinpoint what he doesn't like, but he is not a fan. Is there anything worse than being in a situation where  you can’t make your kid feel better? I am and will always be the bread winner of the family. I would love to be able to stay home with Spotty Chop, but that alas is not our life (and there is NO WAY IN FING HELL I will let Boy Toy stay home with him, there would be muuurrrrrderrr.)

Yesterday we drove to the Y, Spotty a bit glum as he just didn't want to go, but understands that we have to work. So we walk up the stairs,  outside the door is a counselor who says “what up Spotty?” Spotty says hi. We walk into controlled chaos and  Gamer an older friend who is in the after-school program runs up to him yelling “SPOTTY YOU ARE IN MY GROUP” Spotty smiles and runs to the lockers to put his backpack and coat up. I was signing him in and one of his counselors from the summer program walked in, as soon as he saw Spotty chop he starts yelling at the top of his lungs “SPOTTY IN DA HAUSE”. At this point,  I am sure it will be obvious, Spotty never looked back.  When I picked him up he said he had a great day.

Today Spotty was supposed to go to my parents. They are taking him a couple of  days this week so that he doesn't have to go to the Y for the whole time. I was supposed to drop him off around 9, but I was of course stuck in meetings till 10. My dad met us half way to our house so I could get back to work. He takes so much time off of work just to be with Spotty. My mom moves her schedule around at the drop of a hat so she can help out. I am so fortunate to have them near. Anyhoo Spotty is supposed to have soccer tonight and Boy Toy is picking him up from my parents to bring him back. I just  called Papa to say “whatever you are doing stay doing it”  Boy Toy won’t be picking him up till 4:45 . Spotty got on the phone to tell me about their adventure. They were at a farm and he had seen, an opossum, fox, great horned owl, chicken, sheep and goats. “I got WOOL MAMA”. Wool I said? “it is so amazing, it is so cuddly and warm, I bet that is why you are warm when you wear sweaters. Can I tell you something? Our tickets let us be in a raffle so we might get a wool wrap or sweater, isn't that cool?”

Hell to the yes baby! Soak in these memories!