20 May, 2014

The mysterious post carder is BACK baby!

It's been about 2 years since I last heard from them. (go to the post card tag if you want to know more)

This time they are in France. They just ran a marathon (hell, I can no longer run to the fridge…got to bump up the exercise) and that I should be surprised as the folks I hung out at the dump (not the real dump...but a pizza place) with never struck me as the run (unless it was “from the law”) type…

WHO ARE YOU????? Keep traveling!!! And enjoying life - Seriously snaps to you my friend!

Thanks for thinking of me!!!!!!!!!!!! 

19 May, 2014

Best weekend EVER

So Spotty Chop had a good weekend

  1. Friday night soccer practice was canceled due to rain
  2. Saturday morning soccer game was canceled due to rain
  3. Picasso’s birthday party at Sky Zone on Saturday
  4. J-Man slept over Saturday (after the Bday party) they went to bed around 1am
  5. J-Man and Spotty marched in the Memorial Day parade with their school on Sunday
  6. Early dinner with J-Man & family (Chili’s) after parade
  7. Hockey camp after dinner

My perfect weekend has way more sleep, but what do I know? 

12 May, 2014

Dear Spotty Chop you are 110 months old

What kind of mischief have you gotten yourself into recently? We thought you broke your finger during soccer. But you just jammed it really badly. Then we thought you might need stitches as you face planted during soccer. But Boy Toy was able to get the bleeding to stop.  You are still playing soccer. You will NOT RUN during soccer, but as other parents have pointed out. You are always “in the way”. You have been managing to get yourself in the other teams way almost always.  I think hockey has helped  your soccer skills. Who’d a thunk it?

You have decided that you like cheeseburgers, and sausage patties. You have tried asparagus and didn’t mind it. You are also drinking a juice that has banana in it  of course I didn’t mention the banana until you told us that you loved it.  You are also eating granola – that I make (we can thank Auntie Moo for this).  You are trying another strategy for eating lunch during school. You are eating when your friends are inline waiting to get lunch. THEN you talk. It seems to be working. You are actually eating your lunch (a yogurt drink, some carrots/broccoli, blackberries, a piece of ham and dried cranberries (granola if I don’t burn it.) You seem to actually be eating, so we are happy.

You are reading  “A Snicker of Magic”, The homework machine #2, and something about a bed & breakfast that involves aliens. I can’t say enough how lucky we are that you love to read. I can’t imagine (yes I can I would be devastated) what I would do if you didn’t love to read.  We are reading the 2nd Familiar book before bed.  I ran into the youth librarian and asked him about “George and the Big Bang” the 3rd book in Stephen Hawking’s kid series. He didn’t realize it was a series and said he would keep an eye out for it. So yea – we should be able to read that at some point!

You are still neck deep into watching Minecraft videos on Youtube. You would rather do that than anything else right now.  Boy Toy and I need to come up with some ideas on how to prevent you from freaking out when you don’t do well/are asked to stop. We will let you know when/if we come up with a solution.

The big news of the month? You watched A New Hope with me! May the 4th be with you is a magical day! You liked the movie. You knew pretty much everything due to playing Star Wars Lego’s, but you said it was still a good movie. Now we just need to find some time to watch the first Harry Potter movie…

You created a card game to play with your friends. You have spent a huge amount of time working on it. Figuring out scoring, how different cards react to each other, a game board. I hope your friends and you have fun playing it. And even if they don’t, I think it’s pretty dang awesome that you came up with the idea. You and your dad gave it a test play. He thought it wasn’t bad at all.

For mother’s day this  year  you picked out a GREAT T-shirt

And some tea (Golden Monkey – Teavana)

Also some flowers. You were so tricky telling me you were going out to get ice cream to keep me off the track.

Well that’s about it here. We will talk again next month. Love ya