13 September, 2007


Spotty chop is suddenly very afraid of spiders. It started off that he was scared of Spider Man. Not sure where that comes from as we don’t watch spider man or talk about him. We do have one of those blow up punching bad thingies but Spotty rides it like a bull.

Now he is afraid of the actual 8 legged creature. If I leave the room a short time later he will come running to find me crying the spiders will get me. Before he falls asleep he tells me the spiders are coming. I keep reassuring him that the spiders will not come to get him and that I won’t let them get him. But I have no idea where this is coming from. It did start after camping, there were plenty of spiders camping, and in the tent, but I never noticed him freaking out over them, and boy toy and I don’t freak out over spiders, we kind of nudge them along to get out of our way.

Maybe we should stop forcing him to watch Steven Kings IT?


annie said...

Our baby is TERRIFIED of bugs, flys, even those tiny gnats that hover in the grass after you water the lawn. He walks around screaming and slapping his face.
As a little boy, I'm sure he will be bringing home snakes soon, so I'm rather glad he doesn't care for them right now.

me said...

thanks annie - sometimes it's nice to know it's not just you.