14 March, 2011

Maple Sugar Days in Massachusetts

I like to write out Massachusetts because I sing while I type. M A-SS A-CHUS-ETTS.

We went to Blue Hills Reservation on Saturday to enjoy a beautiful if windy day at Brookwood Farm in Milton. I have had just about enough of the winter and staying indoors. I needed us out enjoying the sun. Spotty Chop wasn't so sure. When we got there he said “if this is boring I’m gonna, I’m gonna…well I don’t know what I’m going to do, I won’t hate you because I love you, but I am going to be mad." God help me.

We took a trolley from the Houghton's Pond parking area to the Farm. Spotty had a perma grin stuck on his face, he loved looking around the trolley. Such a simple thing, an old fashion trolley, but being with him I saw it anew, beautiful wood and iron seats, big windows, a treat for the eyes.

We paid the admission fee, which supported the Trailside museum and followed our nose. There was a small barn and wafting from the inside was the delicious smell of maple syrup. There was a man boiling syrup and a table with samples of, quite frankly, the best tasting maple syrup I have ever tasted, and I have tasted a lot. We have spent a long time in VT and NH where maple syrup is king, but I have never tasted anything like this. Moo and Freak Show made maple syrup last year, I remember that it took forever, not sure if it was the best tasting thing in the world, but I can imagine it was close.

After getting samples and then getting the largest bag of kettle corn I could possibly buy we started our journey.
There were 5 stations starting with how the Native Americans may have made the first maple syrup. Apparently the sap from the maple trees will run on the saplings and would freeze and form icicles. The Native Americans realized that some icicles were sweet. They believe that they would cut open the trunk and drop heated stones into the sap. The first settlers would boil enough sap to make maple sugar to last the year, and to possibly sell. At one station Spotty tried drilling into a post with a hand drill and placed a spout and pail. We were able to taste sap coming directly out of a tree. It tastes like slightly sweet water and looks just like water. We also got to play some games,

Walking on stilts

Sawing a log

But the most fun of all?

When we finally got back to the car we asked Spotty if he had a good time. He replied, “I had a great time, we were outside in the fresh air and we had family time, what’s not to like”.

We will be planning some more outdoor adventures soon.

10 March, 2011

Big Happenings

The tooth fairy is pleased she can finally come get a tooth. She's been like a black fly, buzzing here, buzzing there totally PO that she's been kept waiting. We were brushing teeth before bed when I thought I saw something odd, "spit in my had Spotty" he complied and low and behold, I held the tinest tooth I have ever seen in my life. I thought it was a piece of rice...we didn't have rice for dinner.

I am super psyched that Spotty's smile kind of hides the fact that he has a missing tooth, unlike SOME photos of smiling children where you can instantly see the gap.  But by god this is a photo moment and I wanted to see the hole!

Now to wait for the second tooth to fall out. If it takes as long as the first one we will be camping before it comes out!

03 March, 2011

Dear Spotty Chop you are 72 months old today

You wrote out all of your valentines out yourself. We started a week before Valentine’s Day so that you would have time to do this and not be rushed. You really seemed to enjoy picking out a special card for each of the kids in your class, writing their names and signing yours.

You and dada made me a valentine, Boy Toy asked if you should get me some chocolate to go with the card, you told him you needed to think about it. After some time had passed he asked you again and you told him “we don’t want it to be too sweet”. When Boy Toy said that you would be getting good chocolate and how much I love chocolate you then said “I don’t mean that kind of sweet, I mean…we don’t want to be too good.” REALLY? Who’s freakin child are you?

We have been very anti social this month. We stayed in and watched TV and played games. None of us has felt very good so we didn’t push ourselves.

You have been very excited about your birthday coming up and the fact that your dada and you decided you should stay home and do what you want to do.

We went to the Winter Ball. We boogied, we ate, and we won candy. At times it seemed like it was too loud for you. I think we are going to have to get you earplugs.

You spent time at Nannie and Papa’s for February vacation. You slept over. Papa played with you all day Monday, Tuesday he had to go to work for a few hours, but then he came back and played more. Nannie took you to Toys R us, just to look around; you came home with a slew of new toys.

You also spent time with your daddy. You went on a glow in the dark mini golf adventure. You also went to a McDonalds play place. You guys played Bakugan, Beyblades, Pokemon, cars, board games and of course video games. I am glad you all have fun while I worked.

You came home one day and your knuckles were really red and swollen. You said you didn’t know what happened. Your dada, who has to get to the bottom of everything no matter how trivial or insignificant, was able to get you to tell him what happened. You were working in clay and you got frustrated so you punched the clay block. Baby boy I love you so much. Please understand when I say THIS I WILL NOT ALLOW. We will not go down this road.

You are Six years old. My head hurts just thinking about it. You are such an amazing person. I really have a hard time remembering what life was like without you. I don’t need to. You bring me such joy. I hope you continue to have days like today, when you first woke up, when you went through the house to see how we decorated it, when you ran back from the living room and dived in-between us saying. “You guys are so awesome, my head is exploding, it is like splitting in two with goodness. I love you guys.” Not nearly as much as we love you kiddo. Happy Birthday!