08 January, 2013

Happy New Year! NO NUTS FOR YOU!

My God do we have a lot to catch up on (if you have already heard the drama scroll down to the bottom for photos) 

We had a dramastical New Year's Eve. We had plans to hang out with JMan and family, Spotty Chop couldn't wait. But wait he had to...My parents give Boy Toy pistachios or some form of nut every Xmas. Since I am allergic to tree nuts  I don't buy them, I won't die if they are in the house, but even before my allergy kicked in, I wasn't a huge nut fan (unless they were swimming in chocolate). So Boy Toy is eating nuts and Spotty Chop says "can I try"? So we said sure. After he had 2 I told him to stop for a minute (he really liked them). Because of my allergy I wanted to make sure that he didn't have a problem. In less than a minute he started to complain that his tongue itched, then he said his throat felt funny. I ran to get Benadryl. By the time I got back to him (I live in a ranch it wasn't more than a minute) he had hives around his mouth and eyes. Spotty started to freak a bit, which is totally understandable. I am sure he was picking up our vibe, even though we were trying to play it totally cool I was REALLY nervous that his reaction came on so swift for so few nuts. So I called the emergency line and spoke with a doc. I again got a bit more nervous as they didn't take my info and call me back, they ran and got someone to speak to me right away. I explained the situation, my history, what we did and how he was and the doc said "you are doing everything right", nervous tears start to flow. They told us to keep an eye on him for 45 minutes and if he didn't get worse he would be fine. I guess Anaphlaxis happens within that time period. BUT if his tongue or lips started to swell or if he started vomiting we needed to call 911. I can deal with that, except a few minutes after I hung up Spotty started complaining of feeling sick. So Boy Toy and I did the....do we go to the ER or don't we dance, is he feeling sick because he is about to go into shock or is he just traumatized?

I won't leave you in suspense. Spotty is fine. At the 40 minute mark his hives had disappeared and by 45 minutes he felt great and was ready to go out. So out we went and had a lovely night. The boys played on their DS's till their eyeballs bled and we hung out at a bonfire. 

The next day we decided to go sledding. I of course after last years incident wanted to have nothing to do with it. But the boys insisted so I went and took a photo or two...

Some Older boys were "snowboarding" with their sleds. Spotty wanted to try

 I can't get either of them to stop sledding. They go every chance they get. Hell they even dragged my dad with them last weekend while I was getting my hair done.