28 June, 2008

Thematic Photographic 4 - Wood

I am cheating, but I hope that is ok.

We can't find the cord for our digital camera. I just spent $$$ on a "universal" cable system that of course does't fit (what the hell is wrong with Kodak?) but I really want to play Carmi's latest game. So even though this is not my photo it fits the theme.

Want to know how to play along? Go here. Actually you should go here anyways. Carmi has been kind to me with my numerous photo questions. If you like photos and intelligent conversation you should mosey on over.
Onto the photo!

Philippe Guillerm is a sculptor that does incredible things with wood. This particular piece made me happy. Even though I am not musical in any way shape or form, I wish I were. But books, well let's just say I get books. Wood really seems to add a warmth to this sculpture that might be missed in another medium. I want this in my library. Or bedroom, or in my line of sight.


Barb said...

Wow! The artist either had a very traumatic experience with a violin or he is Salvador Dali reincarnated in wood. I never imagined wood could look so fluid. Thanks for the treat for the imagination.

Annice said...

Well written article.