01 July, 2008

My obsession continues….

Ok so I just finished up Season 5 of SG1 I won’t mention what happens at the end of Season 5, I knew it would happen eventually, but boo hoo.

O'Neill: I'd be happy to debrief you all after I've debriefed myself for a nice hot shower.
Hammond: Permission to shower granted. In fact, I insist on it, Colonel.
O'Neill: Bad?
Jackson: I wasn't going to say anything...

O'Neill: So, what's your impression of Alar?
Teal'c: That he is concealing something.
O'Neill: Like what?
Teal'c: I am unsure. He is concealing it.

Anise: Your strength is five times that of a normal human.
O'Neill: So, no increase then, huh?

O'Neill: What kind of archaeologist carries a weapon?
Jackson: Uh... I do.

Markov: The sub is Swiss.
Jackson: So they occasionally catch fire, but they keep perfect time. pause Sorry. I think I've been hanging around Jack O'Neill too much

Unas refusing food: Ka!
Jackson: Now don't say Ka until you've tried it

O'Neill: There's a man... He's bald and wears a short-sleeved shirt, and somehow he's very important to me. I think his name is Homer

Teal'c: I have read of a place where humans do battle in a ring of Jell-o.
O'Neill: Call Daniel.

Colonel Simmons: Need I remind you, Dr. Jackson, of the dangers that we're trying to defend Earth against?
Jackson: Oh, could you? I mean, go slow.

Carter: "I've never blown up a star before."
O’Neill: "They say the first one is always the hardest."

Daniel: "I figured that flashing wasn't good news. And the fact that in Goa'uld it says, 'Warning, Warning..."

Teal'c: "Trust in me, O'Neill."
O’Neill: "What if I'm not O'Neill?"
Teal'c: "Then I was not talking to you."


Anise: You may call me Anise.
Jackson: Anise?
Anise: It means "Noble Strength".
Jackson: I'm Daniel. It means, uh, "God is my judge".
O'Neill: I'm Jack. It means... What's in the box?

O'Neill: Well, I guess now we can go back and tell General Hammond that the Tok'ra boned us again!

Jackson: We were hoping you could kinda…um, like…beam them out.
Jacob: Beam them out? What am I, Scotty?

Major Davis: [Over the radio]: Jack or Teal'c, please respond.
O'Neill: Flight, Digger One. We read you. We have lost control of the craft to some sort of hidden recall device that apparently the scum-sucking, slimy, snake-ass Apophis installed in his death gliders. Over.

Carter, Teal'c and Narim entering Narim's house
Automatic voice (it's Sam's voice): "Greetings, Narim. Welcome home. Atmosphere control is active. Shall I prepare a mid-day meal for you and your guests?"
Narim: "No, thank you."
Carter: "Narim?"
Narim: "Yes, Samantha?"
Carter: "Is that my voice?"
Narim: "I'm sorry, I was hoping you wouldn't notice."

Jackson: (disbelieving): "...little grey butts."

Teal'c has another memory: "Do not test my temper, woman"
Jackson: "Woman? Did..did he just call me a...a...a woman?"
O’Neill: "Yes, I believe he did."

Carter: "So...is it working? Is he...did he say anything?"
O’Neill: "Talked about fabric, briefly."
Jackson: "He just called me a woman."

O’Neill: "Ah the sound of the other shoe"

Carter: If it comes right down to it, we can detonate it right here. What's our position?
Jackson: Well, personally, I'm against it. But if you want to know where the ship is, we're about five meters above the surface at the bottom of the crater.

O'Neill: It's always suicide-mission this save-the-planet that. No one ever stops by just to say hi anymore.

O'Neill: "I'd like to take this opportunity to say that this is a poorly designed bomb and we should say something to someone when we get back."

O'Neill: We brought dinner and a movie.
Teal'c: Star Wars.
O'Neill: Teal'c's seen it what, eight times?
Teal'c: Nine.
O'Neill: Nine times. If Teal'c likes it, it's gotta be OK.
Carter: You've never seen Star Wars?
O'Neill: Well, you know me and sci-fi...

Teal'c: If I were still loyal to the Goa'uld you would know it.
Col. Simmons: Really?
Teal'c: It would be immediately apparent, as I would not hesitate to kill you where you sit.

O'Neill: I have great confidence in you, Carter. Go on back to the SGC and… confuse Hammond.

Cassandra: What do you see when you look at me now?
Carter: I see you. And until your head starts spinning around, and probably even then, I will still see…you.

Jackson: I just hope we don't regret giving them those Gate addresses.
O'Neill: I don't think we will, the first one being a black hole and all. They get progressively darker after that.

Jackson: You'd think a race advanced enough to fly around in space ships would be smart enough to have seat belts, huh?
Jacob: We just prefer not to crash.

O'Neill: Ah, they'll fix it up.
Jackson: I'm confident.
O'Neill: Me too.
Teal'c: As am I.

O'Neill: Hammond will find us.
Jackson: I'm confident.
Carter: Me too.
Teal'c: As am I.

Now what is incredibly suckful is that Costco no longer seems to be carrying the SG1thinpak (or fat). Do I really want to spend $40 for the next 5 seasons? No. Will I? Stay tuned…