05 June, 2008

Heard just now

I am working from home, and Spotty is on my lap with his face resting on my chest looking at the TV. We are watching Trains from the All About Series. He says "mommy I just love you".

Is there anything better than that?


Carmi said...

Absolutely nothing is better than that. Our 7-year-old is still at that wonderfully cuddly stage. He's all hugs and sweetness and happily delivered lines that tug at your heart and stick to your brain.

Some days, I wish the little boy in him would never grow up.

Wanted to thank you, too, for your amazing caption to last week's Caption This photo. I chose you as one of my honorable menschen - congrats! I also wanted to confirm that, yes indeed, I believe I was bitten by SOMETHING as a child. Radioactive film canister (which made me laugh all the way down to the floor, btw) is definitely one possibility.

More realistically, I got to grow up seeing the world through the whimsical eyes of my grandfather. It was his "bug" that infected my fertile young mind and never quite let go. Great disease to have, I guess!

me said...

Woo Hoo, i feel honored! am I am sooo glad I have a few more years of snuggle time. I think Spotty will gain something similar from his Papa. Fingers crossed!