10 June, 2008

DeCordova Museum & Sculpture Park and the Needham Fair

We had a kick ass weekend even though Satan apparently decided to roam the earth with his pitch fork testing the doneness of New England. FRELL was it hot this weekend. Saturday I had a family bridal shower (I know you are all jealous) that was 1) outdoors and 2) out the fuck doors and 3) can you friggen believe how Fin hot it is outdoors. While my mom and I enjoyed ourselves my dad took Spotty Chop to the Needham fair. I had no idea it was going to be going on (hell, neither did he) but he and Spotty headed out to enjoy the festivities. They climbed on bull dozers, and tractors and machines with complicated names that I call…tractors. There was also some kind of kid friendly gymnastics going on and my dad took tons of pictures of my baby doing things like handstands and front flips and just crazy police jet ski driving. When my mom and I got back the two of them were tripping over each other to tell us all about it. As Spotty and Nannie went off to read a book my dad said to me, “I just love him” and I said “I know da, he loves you too”. And he said “NO, I REALLY REALLY LOVE THAT KID”. Yes da, I will bring him by again so you can have a Tuesday meeting (which apparently is the code phrase he uses with his secretary to let her know Spotty is at the house playing with Nannie and I am not there and it’s not fair she gets to play and I don’t so by god I need to go home RIGHT NOW”. It’s just so freakin cute

On Sunday Boy Toy, Spotty and I were supposed to go to the DeCordova Art festival, but around 2am on Saturday Boy toy climbed into bed to tell me that we lost electricity in half of the house. When I asked, “why do I care?” he explained that the air conditioning runs off that side of the house. Apparently some of the electric wires had come off of the house. In calling the electric company I found out that there is no friggen way to get in touch with a human, which quite frankly sent me over the deep end. Boy toy insisted that Spotty and I go on with out him (so he could sit in the cold dank cave of a basement) and he would wait for the electric company or nap depending on what came first.

Best part of the day? We got to ride to DeCordova in school buses. Spotty was beside himself with glee. Pure unadulterated GLEE. DeCordova is a really nice place to walk around (if you don’t do it in 105 degree weather). The sculptures are large and fun to look at. Spotty loved the Rain Gates, probably because of the water spraying out of them. He also enjoyed sitting in the murky ooze that formed a pond like object. At first I was like “Spotty, don’t sit down in it, for the love of….1 billion degrees…sit your ass in the water, splash, enjoy”. I was the only parent that apparently didn’t care that their offspring was trying to cool down. I did manage to drag him away from the water so we could look at other things. Like GIANT heads, and Cats and Dogs and….things made of metal or rock. We even went into the museum which was giving me heart failure at first, but Spotty was so SPOT ON in listening that I could have just squeezed him to death. When I said no touching, he listened. Even though a lot of the art looked like it was made to be touched. Part of the exhibit was some kind of paper cut outs attached to the walls. Did Spotty touch them? No he did not. He loved going out to the sculpture terrace and then running back into the museum so that he could say “mama lets go to the sculpture terror again.”

I would love to take him back there when Satan was off on vacation and perhaps took the hordes of people that were there with him. Spotty won’t be as impressed as we will need to drive in our own car and not the SCHOOOOOOL BUSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssss.