27 June, 2008

Book Review: Chainfire

Sword of Truth Book 9
Our story begins dear reader with blood, lots and lots of it. Near death, Richard you crazy kid. Dance too long with a crossbow and you are going to get bit. The first chimes of doom are heard on pg 7 right before Richard passes out. He asks for Khalan. Neither Nicci nor Cara has ever heard of her.

Now let’s get something clear RIGHT THE FRELL NOW. If this turns into a Newhartian dreamscape I am going to go on a slapping frenzy the likes the world has NEVER seen.

Luckily Anne and Nathan come across a trove of prophecy books, many that they have never seen, or heard of as just rumor. What’s funny is that with the prophecy’s dealing with Richard, there are blank lines, and pages. There is even an entire book of prophecy that is blank. Anne used to love this particular prophecy because it was so romantic. But can not recall a single thing about it.

Meanwhile there is more blood and body parts and an invisible beast and Richard who if he were me would have bitch slapped Nicci over the patronizing way she is talking to him. He is a far better man than I.

Oh yea, the Imerial Order is on it’s way to Altur’Rang to crush the resistance. And Richard is leaving them to their own devices after painfully pointing out what this really means. So he can go look for a woman that only he remembers.

Good Times!