12 June, 2008

Carmi Calrissian. He's a card player, a gambler, a scoundrel. You'd like him

Not only does Carmi have fun games, he also gives sound photo advice. He may also give some kind of technical advice to mucky mucks, but we don’t look to closely at that. (at least not today.)

So I took some of your previous advice, and am pleased with the results. I will download the manual for my camera hopefully before we go camping 4th of July to try even MORE fun things out.

This photo is exactly what I was looking for. Spotty is clear and the foreground fish is not.

A few items that were accidents that I couldn’t replicate to save my life.

I love how you can see his eye through the chain

This is just pure luck, and I am ok with that.

Screw ups? Or not…
I had this on the “sport/speed” setting. I have no idea why these turned out so cool, but I think I may like them more this way than if they were clear.

I actually like this shot even though its not clear. Is it just a personal preference kind of thing? Blurry pictures usually just piss me off, but I find I don’t mind this one.


Do you have any idea why I get this red line? Is it the processing? This happens on almost every roll of film I get developed

I tried the sport/speed setting while they were bumpercaring and…not so good. In fact some might say rather suckful


Carmi said...

You're very, very kind. I can't stop smiling.

I'll toss a few thoughts into the fray, because I think we've all faced photo-scenarios like these in the past. I've learned that only by running into great big question-mark-like moments do we improve our basic photographic skills.

Depth of field - I love how you used narrow DoF in the top shot. One of the first things I learned when I boughy my first real camera was how a narrow DoF can be used to tell a story. You selectively focus on one thing, and defocus others....it's so much neater than trying to cram everything into the shot. Photos should be simple, essentially about one key point. Narrow DoF is a great tool to make that happen. It also forces us to think more in three dimensions, but that's a thought for another day.

Accidental shots: Some of the best photos come from unintentional situations. I'm OK with getting lucky sometimes, too!

Colorful sport/speed setting shot: Looks like a lot of jitter in the background, along with insufficient exposure on the person. But it looks like an impressionist painting...a very happy accident.

B&W soft shot: Not everything needs to be tack sharp. I'm with you on this one in that sometimes, it's ok for the edges to be a little soft. In this case, it totally suits this lovely child's face. What a look!

Red line: I get that sometimes when I push my film camera for one or two more shots at the end of the roll. Some cameras allow you to do this, while others are more conservative and won't let you advance the film lever past 24, 36 or whatever the indicated size of the film roll was.

Unfortunately, the chemicals at the end of the roll are sometimes a little thready, and the processing equipment itself may not properly expose the full surface. So you end up with reds, oranges and other "flashes" on occasion.

Bumper car: I'll disagree. A few months back, I experimented with long exposures from the passenger front seat of a car. As I review them, they're kinda surreal, like this one. This tells a story of light and motion...makes me want to get into a bumper car right now.

Sorry, I rambled. Wanted to let you know that the new Thematic Photographic entry - this week's theme: glass - is up and ready for your photographic wizardry. Have fun with it!

me said...

Carmi you are, as always too kind

Thanks for the info on the red line, this has really been crawling up my…anger mgmt skills – it always seems to happen on what would be a really cute photo, I need to start paying attention to where I am in the roll.
Feel free to tell me how beautiful my baby is anytime 
Do I see a BUMPER CAR theme in our future? I was hoping to get a clear photo with their smiling faces, I will just have to keep trying. I have a feeling I will get another opportunity at some point.

We have lost our cable to our digital camera so I am having no luck with your latest theme, which is making me a bit pissy, but I will get something up one of these days. I can’t wait to see what everyone else is doing.