02 February, 2008

Let's go

Last night Spotty fell asleep on the way back from my parent’s house. It was only 8PM, but he didn’t nap. When I got to the house I put him on our bed to try and keep him asleep. An hour or two later, I went to check on him. What can I say; I love to look at him while he is sleeping. Hell I just love to look at him. I think he is the most beautiful child in the world.

Boy toy came and found me watching our boy so he went to lie next to him on the bed. I climbed on the other side of Spotty. Boy toy started giving him kisses. When I gave Spotty a kiss he reached up with his right hand and entwined it in my hair. I gave Spotty another kiss. Boy toy moved his head so that his hair was rubbing Spotty’s left hand. His hand never moves. Boy toy tries harder to get Spotty to grab his hair. I move my head so that my hair escapes from Spotty’s hand. His hand starts stretching towards me to grab at my hair. I start to laugh, Boy toy keeps trying. Spotty at one point rolls away from Spotty and grabs my hair with his other hand. This went on for about 15 minutes. I end up laughing so hard that I nearly wet myself. Thank God Spotty stayed asleep. Of course, this morning, Spotty threw a fit when I tried to get him out of bed. “Noooooooooo, I want to snuggle dada”. I guess dada has to win one every once and awhile.

Tomorrow we are off to Florida for a week’s vacation. I can not wait, Boy toy can not wait. It has been a rough week. My mom fell last Saturday and wouldn’t go see a doctor right away. I tried to persuade her, but she wasn’t in “that much pain”. I called the next morning and talked to my dad. She still wouldn’t go to the hospital. We commiserated on her stupidity. Around 7:30 that night she called, they were looking for a pharmacy that was open so she could get some pain medication. She finally did go to the hospital and apparently broke her ankle. Two doctors think she needs surgery, but she saw a Specialist on Monday and he says her ankle is in perfect alignment and may not need surgery if it stays the way it is. She has a cast that she can not walk on and uses some kind of scooter thing to get around. What is wrong with Parents? Boy toy’s job has been getting him so down. He doesn’t get along with 2 guys at work who happen to be buddy buddy with Boy Toy’s boss. There is all sorts of negativity going on. If I were boy toy I would have gone on a slapping frenzy long ago. My kidney stones are considering a road trip…

Needless to say, we just need to go get warm for a few days. I hope Spotty has fun.