16 February, 2008

Florida with an almost 3 year old

The Delta lounge in Boston has a great kids space. Lots of soft climbing structures. Spotty had a blast climbing on and over everything with all the other kids. Our flight was slightly delayed and I made the mistake of not checking the departure board. We went to what I thought was the gate, turns out the gate changed and we had to run as we were departing in 10 min. Luckily we only had 3 backpacks and Spotty in a stroller, and a hot coffee, and an open cup of chocolate milk…We made it., and were even able to get organized before we boarded.

The CARES seatbelt kicks ASS. If we had to lug a car seat through the airport we would have never made it. Spotty fell asleep soon after take off. Keeping him up was a great plan. I got to read for almost 2 hours. Boy toy played video games. Spotty woke up and needed to snuggle. Getting our rental car was a nightmare. The line was crazy and it took forever. The portable DVD player came in handy here. I wish Boy toy was a better traveler, but he really is a pain in the ass. His ears started bothering him, which turned him into a prick. We finally got to our place around 9 pm., grabbed some burgers and fries and settled in. It is a great location. Same exit as Magic Kingdom, a few exists away from Sea World. The place has a screened in porch, full kitchen, 1 bedroom, but a Murphy bed in the living room and a pull out couch. It’s the bathroom that got me. A GIANT whirlpool tub and a walk-in steam shower. I think I’m in love.

Our first morning Spotty and I walked around. We visited the pool, the playground and the lake. Spotty and I grabbed a paddle boat and took a spin around the lake. It was so peaceful. Spotty loved being out, and playing with the water.

I went food shopping at Publix. What a zoo, apparently everyone and their brother was shopping as well. I think I bought a bit too much, as boy toy said when I walked in “we are only here for a week, not a month.”

Spotty is addicted to TV right now so we watched some Backyardagains, read books, played cars and then took a nap. After Spotty and I woke up I took a steam shower. OH MY GOD. I AM IN LOVE. I thought I was going to pass out it was so hot; then a refreshingly cold shower. What a treat. Spotty, boy toy and I then went swimming and went on another paddleboat ride. Spotty and I enjoyed the enormous tub and then it was time for night nights.