20 February, 2008

Book Review – Carpe Demon

Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom
I picked this up because I decided I needed to read some fluff. Honestly doesn’t the title fill you with visions of stupidity? I hate to say it, but I was disappointed. This book was a great read. I was sorry to have it end. And that does not qualify it for fluff.

Kate Connor used to be a demon hunter, now she is a stay at home mom with 2 kids. Her kids do not know about her past and neither does her current husband; and she had no plans on telling them. But her husband asks her to host a last minute dinner party for judges, lawyers and others that might help him on his campaign. As she is pulling it together, a demon (hidden in a human body) crashes through the picture window in the kitchen and tries to kill her, forcing her to kill it and then hide it in the pantry behind the kitty litter. She had rigatoni to make, she has priorities.

Kate is slowly forced back into her old life as a Hunter. The Vatican can’t help, they are low on hunters. She hasn’t kept up with her training and she is volunteering at the school, church and wherever extra hands were needed. How the hell is she supposed to find out what the Demon Lord is looking for?

This isn’t the Iliad, but it is a fun read. She makes mistakes, some big ones, but still manages to be the best mom she can be….and she kicks demon ass…gives us old and decrepit mom’s a good name.
And did you guess? It’s a series