22 February, 2008

Movie Reviews by Spotty Chop

I was reading Pajiba when Spotty came over to me and asked "what you doing". When I explained that I was reading about movies he indicated that he wanted to talk about movies. This is what followed

Hot Wheel Movie
Like race cars
Don’t like monsters

Toy Story
Like Woody
Dislike Rex

Elmo in Grouchland
Like Elmo
Dislike Oscar

Bugs Life
Likes Princess Atta
Dislikes Hopper

Peter Pan
Likes Peter
Dislikes Capt Hook

Likes Lightning McQueen
Dislikes Red

Monsters Inc.
Likes Sully
Dislike Mike Wazowski

We were laying on the floor and talking almost in whispers, and when i started to type this stuff down so I wouldn't forget, he would say "mama, come back down here, I am talking to you". I did try to ask about Finding Nemo, but he said "not yet mama, Monsters". Then I looked at the clock and realised I had to get his ass to bed.