25 February, 2008

Our son is a dork

Spotty Chop has really been into playing video games, actually watching us play video games. We are currently playing Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, and there is NOTHING cuter that a 2 year old saying Thievius Raccoonus. Unless it’s a 2 year old cheering his daddy on as he plays; “Come on dada you can do it! Go dada go, Go dada go, you can DO IT dada!!!” Or a 2 year old “reading” the title screen of a new level. “Sly Cooper in THE TIDE OF TERROR…MWAAAHAHAHAHahaaaaaaaaaa. I think he picked up the fiendish laugh from me.

The boy is totally hooked. We played almost the entire weekend. It was a struggle to get him to do anything else. As soon as he would wake up from either his nap or in the morning the first thing he would say is “mama, would you like to play Thievius Raccoonus?” When we just couldn’t take it anymore and we told him we just had to take a break he would very reluctantly do something else. Preferably the Hot Wheel Movie extras, but he would be read to as long as it was from the “big book” A Disney/Pixar thing with stories from all of his favorites. Or he would spin around, and around, insisting that we spin too.

I think it might be in his genes. Boy toy and I were gamers. In fact back in the day, we actually had to buy 2 computers because we were fighting over “game time”. Then we had to position them so we could easily see what each other was doing, in case the other one was doing something cool. After Xmas or birthdays we would literally spend 2 or 3 weeks straight doing nothing but playing, Thief I am looking at you. Ok we would go to work, but that would be the only time we would leave the house. We haven’t done that since Spotty was born. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing. When he was an infant, we didn’t have the TV on much, which turned into Spotty being annoyed when the TV was on, which lead into THE HELL THAT IS DORA. He went through a period where all he wanted to do is watch dora, little einstens, bob the builder, wiggles, mm club. He moved up to movies then he learned about “extras”. I blame Monsters Inc. Damn Pixar knows how to do extras.

So now it’s video games. If this phase lasts long it won’t be so bad, there are a few games I got stuck on and he should be ready to kick ass in no time.