29 January, 2008

Zoinks! Scooby Doo Where are you?

We have a mystery going on at our house.

On Friday I received a post card from Australia. In it the writer tells me that they were thinking of me and bringing up some specific things in my life (the 69 Camaro I used to drive, how I like to knit) and then ended the post card with “Aren’t I good staying in touch”. But seemingly forgot to sign it. Boy Toy and I went through a list of folks who we thought it could be, but haven’t got a clue.

On Saturday, another Postcard, calling me by an old nickname, pointing out that they are wearing flip-flops and not Chucks (love my chucks). Then mentioned how they were thinking of Boy toy and I and the summers we have spent together. No signature.

On Monday…no card. Boy toy and I were sad.

Today? Another postcard. Some stamps are over some of the writing, but they are looking for a wallabee and got a chance to swim near a dolphin. And they brought up my DEEP love of Star Wars. Damn this person is good. We are having such a good time trying to figure out who it is. Keep those post cards coming!!!