18 February, 2008

Spotty Chop is a thrill junkie

We went to Sea World and had a blast. We got there early for us and were in time for the sea lion show. That was really fun. Spotty really wanted to see penguins so we did. Swimming, eating, crapping, a good time was had by all. We then took a quick run over to Kracken. I rode it while Boy toy watched Spotty. What a blast! This was my first time on a coaster with no floor. I was sitting next to a very large Asian dude and if my restraint broke I would have still been pined to my seat by his gargantuan elbow. This thing was so fast, it turned and swooped and had us upside down and every which way. I could have easily ridden it all day. I then made boy toy go on journey to Atlantis. He seemed to enjoy it (he would have liked Kracken more). Then we headed to the kid area. First Spotty and I climbed on the giant climbing structure, mainly nets very high up in the air. Spotty was scared, can’t blame him, but the only way out was to keep climbing and get to the tunnels that lead you to the stairs. When we got to the tunnels Spotty wanted “to carry me”, I convinced him to walk while I crawled and to hold onto me. He chose to hold onto my neck. Needless to say it took us awhile to get down. We then jumped into the crazy fish, or flying flounder, it was one of those T cup rides that spin. I hate them, they make me nauseous. Guess who LOVES them? SW has a really cute splash area so we changed Spotty and let him loose. He had a blast. Boy toy went off to Wild Arctic and Spotty and I played on a pirate ship. When boy toy came back it was time to get in line for Shamu’s show. We managed to get down in front and bough rain coats as we were in the splash zone. We never got wet, a big disappointment for boy toy. The show was incredible. Killer whales rock. To see them swimming so fast and with their human partners makes you wonder why you didn’t take that route yourself. I mean to do something so cool for a job and to love it, really makes you kind of sad that your job, when you think about it, sucks.

We went back to the kiddy zone and rode on a carousel. Spotty loved it, which was nice, because the last time we were on one he was scared. We took some “required photos, then Boy toy and Spotty went on another spinny in the air ride. Then Spotty dragged dad on the Shamu express; a roller coaster and not just a tiny thing. This had inclines and twists and speed.
We have created a monster. Spotty LOVED it. So much that as soon as they got off Spotty was saying “again, again, again!!!! So I went with him. While we were in line I told Boy toy to buy whatever photo they took tat whatever price to mark the occasion. Spotty and I were ready to go on the next ride, but Spotty decided he had to be in the very front row. It must be in the genes. We were very lucky that SW wasn’t too crowded. Spotty did not make the height requirement of 42 inches. I hope Disney lets us slide as well…We saw sharks and that almost lead to a breakdown because Spotty wanted to find Bruce from Finding Nemo. We also saw dolphins, otters, seals and white birds that was everywhere and was not part of any attraction. Apparently they come to steal the fish. Spotty finally fell asleep. Boy toy and I were on our way to ride more rides by ourselves. But we ended up getting into a “discussion instead”. So we went home.