15 February, 2008

Where you been Chumley?

We got back from a fantabulous vacation last Saturday, which I will speak of more, but before I could start writing down what a kick ass time we had, we caught the stomach bug of DOOOOOM. Spotty started throwing up at midnight, and proceeded to toss his cookies every 10 minutes until 5am. He was such a good kid, so pleasant even though he must have been feeling so crappy what with the dry heaves and all. “Dada, can you clean the yukies up in your bed for me? Mama, thank you for getting me juice so the yuckies will go away, when my tummy feels bad I get dirt in my mouth, I don’t like dirt in my mouth.” Then he was sick every 20 min, 30 min. When it started dwindling from one end, it started coming out the other. At one point I woke up and was like “why am I wet….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. The amount of laundry we went through is staggering. Thank god I was up every 10 min because I was washing crap like there was no tomorrow.

It didn’t help that Boy toy had a project where he had to work nights starting on Monday, so he was trying to change his sleep pattern. Boy toy’s operation mgr is being….challenging (hate him hate him, wouldn’t want to date him). So I work from home Monday, because Spotty is still throwing up. Monday night I got the bug and it was just UGLY, so I worked from home on Tuesday. Boy toy caught the bug Tuesday and was tossing his cookies and couldn’t make it into work that night. Wednesday there was a storm and Spotty’s daycare was delayed opening until 10:00am, well, with the train schedule and the fact that I still felt like ass, and Spotty still had the runs and…I worked from home on Wednesday. I planned on taking Thursday off because that is when I normally work from home, but we are only allowed to work from home one day a week and I think I used up my quota. Unfortunately, there was a major release going on, and other people were sick, and my boss called me at 5:40pm Wed night and asked if I could get him a file together for Thursday am…ok how about noon. It was the worst file I have ever pulled together. It couldn’t have been worse if I tried, and I couldn’t breathe, and I pulled a mussel in my neck by coughing so much because the stomach bug from hell has turned into the coughing up body parts illness. So I worked from home on Thursday too. Poor Spotty just wanted my attention, and I had so much to friggen do.

Today I am at work, and Spotty is at daycare. I think we are kind of on the mend.