24 February, 2008

Our final day at Disney

It was pouring out when we woke up. We were happy that the weather held off so we could see the shuttle launch, but we were a little bummed because we had another day at the Kingdom paid for. Then we thought, hopefully folks will stay home because of the weather. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA foolish newbies that we were, I think the entire population of FL thought the same thing. It had stopped raining by the time we got to the park, but DAMN was it crowded, that may be typical for a Friday though. I made it my first mission to have the professional photographers take our picture at every opportunity. Disney has come up with a great idea in a photo pass. It’s a card that you carry with you and just give to the photographers. This then allows you to view all of your photos at once and on line. Now if only they could photo shop me less 30 lbs or so…

We started in Adventure Land. Boy toy took Spotty to Buzz while I ran over to Space Mountain. They also did some rocket ship ride that was really high up in the air and the transit authority again. Then we went to the Monster Inc laugh floor. This was funny and Spotty seemed to get a kick out of it, after a few more photos of us in front of the castle we headed to Frontier Land.

My second mission was for Spotty to see Woody. We never saw him the first time around and he was really excited to see him. Apparently Woody did a show in Frontier Land. “Woody’s Roundup”, with Jessie and Bullseye. We grabbed a bite to eat and saw that it was almost time for the show, so we grabbed our tray and took off. We got a great spot and Spotty was shaking he was so excited when he saw them all walking down the street. One of the human dancers asked Spotty if he wanted to come join the show, he could ride a wood horse. Spotty said “YES”, he grabbed his horse and didn’t look back. He was the youngest child they picked and he was having a blast! They also did a few dances including the hokey pokey. I was having the friggen time of my life video taping him, he was so happy and sooooo freakin cute!!!!! I think this was the highlight of the trip for us.
We hit Peter Pan again and then it’s a small world. Boy toy joined us this time and got a kick out of how much fun Spotty seemed to have. We went back to Goofy’s barnstorm and while I stood in line for 30 min Spotty fell asleep. We did a bit of shopping, they have this really cool build Mr. Potato head area, fill a box with a potato and accessories. I just filled it with eyes, hats, feet etc. I can’t wait for Spotty’s birthday. Since Spotty was still asleep, I decided that I would ride the train with him while Boy toy went off to do whatever. Spotty got a good hour plus nap. I got to rest. The breeze was great. Spotty woke up, we went around the park again and then we saw dada looking for us. We got more pictures with Goofy, Donald and Pluto, did Peter Pan again and then the Winnie the Pooh ride, which started off as a 20 min wait and turned into over an hour. That was hell. Spotty and I drove race cars at some point I hate them, but he likes them. We stayed to see the electric light parade. I told boy toy he and Spotty would really like it. They did. I kept thinking that Spotty’s grin couldn’t get any bigger, but it did for this.
Our trip to the airport was uneventful the next day, except we forgot to fill the gas tank. The flight was good, and it was good to get home.

Thanks #3 for picking us up, and actually dropping us off, and fixing my car. You rock.