21 February, 2008

Disney with a toddler

We decided to just go to Magic Kingdom, and to go for two days. One day would have been enough, but you really need to get there when the park opens and stay until it closes. The 2nd day was really for boy toy and me. We parked in Pluto and hopped on the tram. Bough our tickets and got giant pins. A first time one for Spotty, and boy toy and I got the “invincible family” ,and headed for the monorail. Spotty really liked the trip and being able to see everything from so high. When we walked into park proper his eyes couldn’t get any bigger. We hopped on the train and made our way to Mickey’s Toontown fair. You could see Spotty getting more and more excited. The first thing we saw was a small playing area where kids could climb on and slide down things. Spotty spent some time here and then dada and he went on Goofy’s Barnstorm, a rollercoaster, Spotty loved it. I got a turn with him and then we went to see some characters. Timmy was so excited to say hi to Donald and Pluto that he wanted to go say hi to Mickey right away. So we stood in line for that. We went on the Winnie the Pooh ride that was really cute; bright colors and enough movement to make it fun, and then went on the carousel; one of my favorites. Boy toy and Spotty went on the mad Teacups and I got a fast pass for the Peter Pan ride.

We grabbed some popcorn and hot dogs, had a quick bite and then were off to the jungle cruise. When we got in line it started to rain. Boy toy took one of the rain coats we got at Sea World and put it over the stroller which was a perfect use for it. The jungle cruise was the right ride at the right time; we were under a roof and we were on the water. Spotty loved pointing out everything to us. Our next stop was the Pirates of the Caribbean. I though this would be a big hit; but I was wrong. I think in part, it was due to Spotty being tired and needing a nap, but he was frightened and spent the ride snuggling with me. For the rest of our time at the park (both days) Spotty wanted constant reassurance that we wouldn’t be riding that “pirate ride”.
We timed things well so that we were able to get a good spot for the parade. Boy toy had never seen it and really wanted to. It was worth it. Spotty was waving at everyone with a huge grin plastered on his face. One the parade was done Spotty and I drove race cars and then ran over to ride Peter Pan. This was another crowd pleaser, and my very favorite ride. Boy toy refused to go on it’s a small world, but Spotty really liked it. He wanted to know where the kids were from and what they were doing. Then came the Buzz Lightyear marathon. We hit this 3 or 3 times in a row each time as much fun as the first. Spotty really got a kick out of spinning up around. We managed to go to the Transit Authority and then hit the streets to see the fireworks. Boy toy was really happy to see them, he had always wanted to. Spotty seemed to be more excited to see the castle changing colors. Who can blame him? When we got home we had ice cream and pretzels for dinner. Does it get any better than this?