01 September, 2008


I wanted to write about the fantastic time we had at 6 Flags (no dada, its 6 Flags New England…) or our annual Labor Day camping trip that we extended. But instead I am writing about my best friend’s dad and how he passed away over the weekend and how much I think this sucks. It sucks for my friend whose kids are now going to have to grow up with out a grand-pa who loved them almost more than life itself (his wife co-owns the title of being the most loved woman in the universe. She shares the title with my mom). It sucks for my friend’s family who will miss him and his goofy ways (to know him is to…for CHRIST’s sake don’t mention goosing or butts around him…love him).

It also sucks for me, not only will I miss him and the ridiculous “Cheese loves me best” game that Boy Toy and he would play whenever they saw each other. Or the fact that no one would ever mention to him that Boy Toy and I live in sin, I am not sure how Spotty Chop was explained and I don’t want to know. I was so worried about disappointing him with that. Worst is this is making me face my own parents mortality which is something I just can’t do. I am in awe of Moo’s poise and composure in this situation. I can’t even conceptualize my parent’s death without falling to pieces.

So good bye Mr. S. It’s been fun knowing you. Thanks for putting up with me and allowing me to be in your daughters life. I will miss you.


dorkey5 said...

We love you, too.

Barb said...

I am so sorry for your loss. As much as we know it is inevitable for us all, it still sucks.