12 September, 2008

Thematic Photographic 15 - Closeup

Carmi's latest and greatest is "closeup". I will admit i am pretty sucky at closeups. I want to take great shots, but often I don't succeed. That of course doesn' t stop me from trying. I have 2 shots for you. The first is...NOT SPOTTY CHOP! I will wait while you pick yourself off the floor. I was fooling around with the macro function on the camera and I came up with this

There is a reason that closeups often involve flowers. They don't move. They just sit there and flower. These are the flowers that surround us when we are camping. Perfectly simple, no drama.

And what would a photo post be without my boy? My mom does not like this shot, but I do. He is guzzling down his chocolate milk in a box and I can never have enough photos of his eyes. My girlfriend calls him blueberry eyes.


Heidi said...

Both beautiful photos!

The top one is gorgeous!

The bottome one shows his eyes in an everyday type of photo... priceless!

Carol said...

I never tire of flowers.. these petite beauties look great against that colorful blurred background... I know these too... but I can't for the life of me think of their name right now... it will come... eventually... :)

and what gorgeous blue eyes this young man has, lots of expression there.... he's a cutie.

Super closeups... I enjoyed.

Barb said...

Good job on both photos! I happen to love the shot of Spotty Chop sipping his chocolate milk.

ErinSlick said...

Wow.. look at those blue eyes.


belle photo pour ce challenge

{i}Post said...

The flowers are beautiful, but those eyes! Gorgeous!