11 September, 2008

My Top 10 Fantasy Men

I stole this Meme from Annie.

I don't know if there is edikit in stolen memes, if they are like mimes and you either love them or hate them. Or if I just wanted to think of HOT, smoldering, dripping with manly maness men.

Sean Connery – I don't give a rat's ass if he were old enough to be my great-grandfather. This man makes me want to purr

Ben Browder – I find him to be a FINE specimen of a man…especially in leather…and with a gun

Bruce Lee – My dad was a huge fan. He used to take my brother and I to see his movies all the time. I think I wanted to do the nasty with him before I knew what the nasty was.

Will Smith – He makes me laugh, and I think he would bring that to the bedroom. Nothing sexier than a man that can make me laugh. I am a bit wary of the whole Scientology thing…but that's really his bizness.

Robert Plant – Have you seen this man in jeans?

Avery Brooks – NO hair. With hair he turns me cold, without hair? I would chain this man to my bed and NEVER let him out.

George Harrison – I think this may be the first man I consciously wanted to sleep with.

Sting – lasting for hours…

Brad Pitt – I never saw the attraction until he hooked up with Angelina and they started their own family and then I saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith. He is just yummie

Adrian Paul – When Highlander the series was on let's just say that Boy Toy has N-E-V-E-R been luckier. I mean, my lady bits tingle just thinking of the man


annie said...

I like a lot of them!
And Robert plant USED to totally do it for me, but have you seen him lately? Man did NOT age well.

Barb said...

Girl, get in line behind ME for Sean! Puurrrr!

Barb said...

BTW, that surprise I promised you is now showing on my profile page. I gave up the pic of me as a three-year-old for a more special one --- for a limited time only.

ErinSlick said...

Ok, I saw Page and Plant in 1995 and honestly Robert Plant's body was so amazing. I was just stunned. Between the jeans and the biceps I was in awe.

Janet said...

Percy, George & Will all have a special place in my heart, too :-)

Andrea said...

Adrian Paul is definitely my favorite hottie. I am VERY grateful to hulu.com for making it possible for me to watch highlander all day every day, when possible. LOL.