06 September, 2008

Thematic Photographic 14 - Faded

I seem to have a hard time getting my photos up in time for Thematic Wednesday. I am working on it though. I have enjoyed everyone's ideas of faded this week and I am sure you will be shocked to see....photos of....Spotty Chop!

This is what faded looks like after a full day at Clark's Trading Post:

which turns into this

and this


Anonymous said...

Spotty Chop is beautiful, as you know. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Nice to meet you!

I do love the tenderness of your photos here.

Barb said...

Oh, he is adorable! This is a perfect set of photos for the TP this week. Thanks for revealing Spotty Chop --- and Boy Toy too, well almost! Are you like me and refuse to reveal your true likeness? Well, I'll have a surprise for you in the next few days. :-)

Robin said...

What a sweetheart. Sometimes, the very best you can ask for is a loving shoulder to sleep on.

mamie said...

Wonderful take on the theme. As for the photo of the boats on my blog, it was a color photo that I experimented with and turned to B&W. Thanks for visiting.

Janet said...

Yup, that's faded, but in a very good way!

Heidi said...

I really agree... this is a great take on this week's TP theme! He was fading alright! VERY sweet!

sealaura said...

Hola! Very sweet pictures. I often feel like that after work. :) Thanks for visiting my blog.

Maddy said...

Ah I love it when they fall asleep in your arms.

Scratch that, I love it when they fall asleep period!

Best wishes to you and yours from me and mine.

me said...

Pinky - thank you I think he is a cutie too

Barb - A surprise...I LOVE Surprises, what are you coming to Boston?

Robin, 'aint that the truth?

Mamie - my favorite great aunts name was Mamie, I haven't heard that name in forever. THANKS for stopping by.

Janet - as he fights sleeping every chance he gets I treasure this fade when I can get it

Heidi - he is a sweetie thanks for noticing :-)

sealaura - i think we all feel that way after work, I am jealous you have such beauty around you to help you recharge

Maddy - from your lips to god's ears. JUST FALL ASLEEP PLEASE!!!